Tony Topoleski

Project Manager

Tony Topoleski is a Project Manager at ECA Partners, where he manages the full lifecycle of talent acquisition across multiple functions, industries, and roles from Director to CEO. In addition, he helps oversee the Ph.D. internship program as a mentor and leads many content marketing initiatives focused on recruiting, career coaching, and business strategy.

Tony is comfortable managing searches across industries and functions, but he is especially adept at roles in retail and revenue management, sales strategy and leadership, M&A, and strategic finance.

Prior to ECA, Tony was a Fulbright Scholar living in St. Petersburg, Russia, and a Ph.D. student at Northwestern University in Chicago. His research in Russian Studies focused on culture and creativity during the decline of the Soviet Union.

When he’s not placing top candidates into great roles, Tony enjoys reading literature, exploring the SoCal outdoors, and spending time with his girlfriend and her Pomeranian.