Ted Pryor

Managing Director

Ted Pryor is a Managing Director with Greenwich Harbor Partners and focuses on senior level assignments in technology and business services. Ted specializes in recruiting exceptional executives using his 4 years as CFO and CEO of a venture-backed start-up, his 10 years of experience at General Electric Capital and his 20 years of experience in international finance and investment banking.

Ted has worked in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia. He has served on public, private and non-profit boards and chaired the Audit Committee for the Boston Celtics. In executive recruiting, Ted has focused on customer facing positions that can drive growth including marketing, sales and customer service. Many of his assignments involve helping companies find executives who can drive excellence at every touch point along the customer journey whether prior to purchase through marketing, communications and sales or after purchase through customer service, customer care and customer success.

With more businesses turning to Cloud and SaaS based delivery models, a customer success focus is a strategic imperative. With a long background in finance, he has also recruited senior finance and investment professionals in specialty finance. Ted has been in executive search since 2011.