Phil Harkins

Chairman & Co-Founder

Phil is an internationally known expert in the areas of organization development, leadership, communication, executive advising, and CEO succession planning. Through his work, he has led hundreds of organizations toward better performance and overall value creation. He has facilitated over 800 meetings and has been a principal speaker at over 400 conferences, symposia, and retreats throughout the world.

Phil’s clients include large and small companies, as well as government agencies, healthcare systems, and non-profit organizations. Throughout his career, Phil has worked with leaders, executive teams, and Boards in over twenty-five countries. Today he is helping organizations become more successful by using the tools and a proven methodology that value creation is a function of having the right talent in mission critical positions. His passion is in helping create Category One teams and using play to win/refuse to lose strategies and architecture. Then getting the culture right and not settling for less.

Phil has authored original research and published significant books on emerging global leaders, leadership, succession, progression, and development, change management, and communication. Author of Powerful Conversations, Everybody Wins, In Search of Leadership, Skin in the Game, The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching, Best Practices in for Succession Planning, Best Practices in Leading the Global Workforce, and Best Practices in Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning Handbook.

Phil is recognized as a Top 50 Executive Coach/Executive Advisor worldwide.