Mary Morand

Partner, Leadership Practice

Mary is an executive coach working with leaders and their teams. Her coaching creates awareness of the learning edges that enable clients to shift and lean into the changes that will bring new ways of being, doing, and achieving results.

Clients describe Mary as very grounded, meeting leaders and teams where they are and flexing with what comes forward. Her use of story and metaphor creates learning and insight that pushes development edges and enables growth. She exercises a confident stance, elegantly holding the room and each person in it.

Mary believes that change occurs in organizations when we understand what our stakeholders need, align individual and team objectives to those expectations, and co-create the right conditions for success. She collaborates with leaders and their teams to build a strong collective leadership advantage for the organization. The leaders develop more quickly, and teams get better, achieving outsized results together.

With thirty years of corporate leadership experience in financial services, Mary understands the challenges of building high performing teams and navigating organizational change while delivering results. She was formerly a Director of Leadership Development and Talent Management, a Chief Learning Officer, and a Director of Marketing. She served in key VP/SVP leadership roles including practice leader of a start-up talent advisory business within executive search.

Mary serves on philanthropic Boards to improve financial and health outcomes for families struggling in the systemic poverty of communities.