Mary Maines

Senior Vice President

Naturally competitive, Mary is drawn to our industry for its challenging and competitive nature. However, above all, Mary enjoys helping people and companies grow. A true team player, Mary started her career with SGA in 1998 as a research associate in professional services; one of the hardest industries to research and recruit, Mary made it look simple, always exceeding the teams goals. After achieving great success in research, she moved into sales with SGA Talent, having many successes there also.

Mary’s strong background in our industry and our company, along with her passion for the ever changing world of professional services have laid an impressive foundation for her career with SGA Talent. Mary’s upbringing instilled in her a hard work ethic that translates into her approach to everything she does in business and personally.

A graduate of Tallahassee College, when Mary is not working you will find her at almost every non-profit event in a 50 mile radius. She believes in giving back, and to those who know her will say she is always there for everyone.