Karen Alphonse

Search Solution Leader and Executive Coach

Karen has joined ExecSearches to spearhead the search consulting practice. Most recently, she has served as a strategic advisor, confidant and career coach to thought-leaders in financial services, legal, education and mission-driven organizations. Resourceful and analytical, Karen identifies talent through social media, job postings, referrals and targeted research. Her interactions with hundreds of candidates and executives has shaped her creative interview techniques and ability to conduct behavioral assessments, take expert references and understand candidates’ strengths. An active listener, she is accurate at identifying the factors that interest, challenge and motivate top talent. She is often successful at persuading passive candidates to consider opportunities they would otherwise overlook.

Her expertise includes organization building, professional development, and consulting. She has mentored and coached numerous managers and senior leaders. She is an excellent advocate for staff members and for candidates. Because of her ability to assess and evaluate organizations from multiple perspectives, she is sought after to offer policy and practical advice related to operations, staffing and inclusive hiring practices.

A search opening represents an organizational goal. Before working on search challenges, Karen takes the time to understand the broader goals behind the role. She asks critical questions that create and accurate synthesis of the organization’s vision, goals and financial resources. These factors will play a critical role in defining the search strategy that she will recommend. They also give potential candidates clear guidance as to the opportunities and the challenges that may lie ahead.

Outside of business, Karen spends time reading Isabel Allende, Rumi and Thich Nach Hahn, enjoying the cedar flute of R. Carlos Nakai and engaging in community benefit projects, particularly those that benefit children, the homeless and refugees. A graduate of Harvard and Columbia Universities, she supports universal literacy, scholarships and efforts to broaden and deepen academic research.