Joy Celebre

National Cardiology Practice Leader

National Cardiology Practice Leader

Joining the Legacy MedSearch team in 2008, Joy has remained true to her name ever since. Her dedication to working with people started over 25 years ago when she served in the Air Force, then moved to attain her BA in Psychology, and her Master’s Degree in Human Resources.

Promoted to Senior Recruiter in 2012, Joy is truly the backbone of the company. She is also, quietly, the most competitive person in the office and seems to win nearly every contest that is held, by sheer determination.

Joy always says she can’t believe she actually gets paid to meet (virtually), talk with, and assist awesome people from all over the country in finding their dream jobs. It brings her almost as much happiness as her home life does. Joy is equally as dedicated to her family, having 5 children and 1 grandchild, her household can get busy.

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