James G. Abruzzo


James G. Abruzzo is a career international executive recruitment and talent acquisition professional with expertise across all aspects of the executive search industry and talent function.

For over 15 years, James has been on the forefront of strategic executive search; first with one of the world’s top retained executive search firms, and later building JGA Partners. He has been essential in tremendous growth of search firms around the world. In such, he has built offices, practice groups and has identified, attracted, on-boarded and trained hundreds of executive search professionals across all roles, and functions.

James built JGA Partners, LLC. in 2015 to bring professional retained search and services to highly respected, top tier retained search firms that are serious about their own internal growth.

James has worked with executive search and recruitment professionals from each of the world’s top 10 executive search firms, regional recruitment professionals, independent entrepreneurs and franchise owners.

James is based in New York.