Evalee Torres

Search Consultant

Evalee began her career in Candidate and Client Engagement a decade ago in Chicago, IL, managing all aspects of Business Development including recruiting, staffing, sales management, and new client acquisitions. She successfully aided in the expansion of multiple organizations nationwide. Her passion for developing others and looking beyond the resume when making hiring decisions has made her stand out amongst her peers and landed her in leadership roles at each company she’s joined.

Growing up in Plano, Illinois, (aka the cornfields) she is certainly no stranger to wearing many different hats and understands the value of hard work. Prior to moving to the big city, she found herself in a multitude of different occupational fields. A few of these included a 911 dispatcher (which explains her ability to remain so calm and collected), a CNA (definitely explains her genuine love and care for others), and tech support (so THAT’S why she can always fix everything)!

She recently followed her dreams to move across the country to start a new chapter in Southern California. She is excited to be a part of an innovative organization that believes in Conscious Capitalism like herself. She is a mother of two beautiful girls, and enjoys traveling, a wide variety of music, reading, and outdoor adventures.