Brian Mohr


I deeply believe the most valuable currency in today’s workplace is meaningful work, not just a paycheck. In April of 2000, I became a founding member of a locally focused job board called Over an 11-year period, I helped build the company from 5 employees and a few thousand dollars in revenue to nearly 400 employees and $38M in revenue – the secret to our success was our hiring philosophy. We privileged purpose and values alignment at a level of parity as career experience, education and skill. In short, we believed the heart mattered as much as the head. I consulted with nearly a thousand employers on their employment brand, employment value proposition, and employment advertising strategies. Through this experience, I saw first-hand the power of values, the power of culture, and the power of unwavering purpose – when done right, it was the ultimate competitive advantage.

In March of 2012, I co-founded Y Scouts with the belief that today’s leaders must authentically connect to the purpose and values of the organizations they lead. If disconnected, the strength of their experience will only compensate for so long. With more than 70% of the workforce unhappy with their work experience, and the associated half trillion loss in productivity this disconnect yields (not to mention the host of additional ripple effects), there has never been a more critical time to re-examine how we find and connect the right leaders with the right organizations.

A little more about Brian:

  • Lucky father of 2 daughters
  • Proud husband to Jackie
  • Live music enthusiast
  • Learning to play guitar and loving it
  • Member of Board of Trustees of Conscious Capitalism, Inc.
  • Host of the Built On Purpose podcast