Bert Miller



Born and raised on a farm in northern Indiana, Bert raised himself up through the brands of E. & J. Gallo and Revlon, to then start Protis Global and raise us all.

An athlete all his life, from baseball to football, and now mind-numbing, soul-building marathons, Bert takes the competition, the drive, the sweat and the brutal determination of a sportsman and plows it all into Protis Global.

From farm to founder, he knows better than anyone else that the underdog can take on the mighty. It’s one of the reasons he started Protis Global; the absolute, all-consuming belief that anyone can choose a path less traveled and fulfill their dreams. His ethos is why we all hustle every day, to build companies and put talented individuals in their dream roles. If you ask Bert anything, his answer will always be bourbon.

  • Cannabis
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