Ashley Waterson

Nonprofit on the Rocks Podcast Producer

Ashley Waterson, has had many career iterations across several creative landscapes. Prior to joining the Envision team, she was an NPR talk show producer in Kansas City before moving to California and spending seven years as a junior high English and Communication teacher. Along the way she performed improv comedy and has pursued her passion for writing everything from articles to poems; comedy sketches to songs. Ashley is thrilled to now be employing her creative talents—and returning to her producing roots—by executive producing Envision’s podcast, “Nonprofit on the Rocks.”

Ashley earned a B.A. in English from Skidmore College. A collegiate tennis player, she is now a diehard convert to Pickleball (yes, it’s a real sport). When she’s not on the court or spending time with her husband, Mark, a nonprofit executive, and their son, Evan, she is working to grow the “Picklin’ Vixens,” a brand she created to empower and support women through the sport of pickleball!