Principal Connections Releases New HR Directors Report

(Nov. 10, 2020) Ireland-based executive search firm

“In the corporate pecking order, the role of the HR Director has often played second fiddle to the more commercially driven aspects of corporate operations. And while business savvy CEO’s have long recognized HR’s strategic importance, the coronavirus pandemic has underscored the role of the HR Director as one of the most important functions for organizations worldwide.” commented Pat O’Donnell, Managing Partner at Principal Connections.

As an executive search firm Principal Connections partners with many of Ireland’s most senior HR Directors, and the report unveils some very insightful findings. According to findings 9 in 10 HR Directors work more than an average of 39 hours each week with 1 in 3 receiving fixed remuneration of €150k or more. Strikingly, 1 in 3 expect to receive a bonus of between 10 – 25% for 2020 and it appears that Pension, Sick Leave and Death in Service are the most common benefits received.

The report finds that to act as a trusted strategic advisor appears to be a CEO’s top expectation of the HR Director and Covid-19 and its impact is most likely to be a HR Directors greatest concern right now. It appears that the role of the HR Director has changed greatly over the past 5 years through greater involvement in strategic planning for the business.

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