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Recruiting world class leadership is the No. 1 priority for private equity firms and their portfolios in the wake of COVID-19. As a result, a transformative shift is happening in PE recruiting – with an emphasis on new drivers, including culture, diversity & inclusion, and engagement.

These are just some of the new levers private equity talent leaders are pulling on to unleash higher levels of leadership performance. Their aim: To find new and sustainable ways to enhance value, growth, results, and returns.

We invite you to come learn how the private equity community is reimagining how they recruit, develop, manage, engage and retain 21st century talent.



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Rob Adams


Rob Adams Moderator – Hunt Scanlon Media
Introduction by: Andrew Thompson
Gary Pinkus

The New Science of Talent: From Roles to Returns

Introduction by: Andrew Thompson CEO and Founder – Notch Partners Gary Pinkus Chairman of North America – McKinsey & Company

A transformative shift in PE recruiting is unleashing higher levels of leadership performance to drive value, growth, results, and higher returns. At its core is a new emphasis on assessment, culture fit, DE&I, engagement, and adaptation. But according to Gary Pinkus, chairman of North America at McKinsey & Company and former global leader of the firm’s private equity practice, problems persist. “We are falling short on getting the right talent into the right roles – and we are not moving fast enough on talent,” he contends. In this insightful keynote presentation, Mr. Pinkus will outline a new approach for private equity talent leaders and their executive recruiting partners – it is the new science of talent.



Introduction by: Tim Russell
Johnathan Medina


Introduction by: Tim Russell Managing Partner – The Tolan Group Johnathan Medina Global Head of DE&I – Macquarie Asset Management

The pandemic has changed the ways of life and work for billions of people. Against this backdrop, organizations have the ability and imperative to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace – and for good reason. It turns out that doing so may provide additional levers for financial outperformance. In this presentation, Johnathan Medina, global head of DE&I for Macquarie Asset Management, makes the business case for gender and ethnic diversity. The scale of potential value creation within PE firm’s portfolios by moving from laggards to leaders in diversity and inclusion, he contends, is enormous.




Networking Break

Moderator: Richard Herman


Moderator: Richard Herman Managing Partner, Global Private Equity Practice Leader – ZRG

For private equity firms and their portfolios, competitive advantage is rooted in winning the talent game. That happens when resources, tools, and recruiting partners combine to create a rigorous, comprehensive go-to-market strategy for talent. The dilemma for PE is that while the sector is exceptional in financial diagnostics, it is far less adept in human diagnostics. In this outstanding panel presentation, PE talent leaders and executive search consultants join forces to discuss their synergies and examine strategies to win the talent game.

Dell Larcen
Operating Partner, Human Capital
Gryphon Investors

James Cherubim
Head of Talent Acquisition 
The Carlyle Group

Annie Paydar
Global Head of Human Capital
General Atlantic

Charlotte Cederwall

Dan Hawkins
Founder & President
Summit Leadership Partners

Will Busch III
Managing Director, Growth Strategies
FMG Leading

Introduction by: Kathy Gallo
Gemma Gucci
Aaron Miller


Introduction by: Kathy Gallo Founder and CEO – Goodstone Group Gemma Gucci Managing Director, Global Head of Talent Acquisition – Apollo Global Management Aaron Miller Partner – Apollo Global Management

Broad and lasting changes to the workplace have advanced a more integrated approach to talent management built around culture. Organizations that once synchronized their talent to corporate vision, core values, and strategic objectives are now aligning people around purpose. And for good reason: building sustainable cultures in the long run will attract, engage, and retain talent – and give organizations with strong cultures a key competitive advantage. In this special presentation, Gemma Gucci – global head of talent acquisition and Aaron Miller a partner at Apollo Global Management – will examine how private equity talent leaders can leverage culture as an investment advantage.




Luncheon Reception

Jordan Brugg
Jasvinder Khaira

Gaining Edge: How to Use Talent as a Pre-Deal Lever

Jordan Brugg Global Head of Private Equity – Spencer Stuart Jasvinder Khaira Senior Managing Director – Blackstone

As the private equity industry continues to grow and mature, changing market forces have profoundly heightened the role top talent plays in winning new deals and accelerating value creation plans. Today, the best human capital strategies begin well before new deals become a reality. Jordan Brugg, the global head of private equity for Spencer Stuart, will engage in a lively discussion with Jasvinder Khaira, a senior managing director and founding member of the Tactical Opportunities Group at Blackstone, on the critical role top talent plays in the overall pursuit of new deals. Among other topics, the session will highlight how some of the best private equity sponsors are gaining early conviction in competitive deal processes, allowing them to swiftly align their talent agenda to value creation plans, mitigating risk and enabling execution.



Moderator: Scott Aldsworth


Moderator: Scott Aldsworth President - The Bowdoin Group

From an investor’s perspective, effective leadership teams add as much as 30 percent to a company’s market valuation. But here’s the dilemma – consistently placing the right executives in the right roles can be incredibly difficult. That’s the challenge private equity and venture capital firms face every day. Not only must these firms build their own competitive leadership teams, but they also must tackle this intimidating task on behalf of their portfolio businesses – each with its own unique talent needs. To better understand how private equity firms build winning leadership teams – and help founders position themselves for success as investment looms – we have assembled a distinguished panel of PE talent leaders and executive recruiters to discuss methods and strategies.

Jimmy Holloran
ParkerGale Capital

Amanda Roberts
Partner, Talent  
L Catterton

Michelle Nasir
Chief Talent Officer 
Arsenal Capital Partners

Kit Cooper
Signal Partners

Adam Zellner
VP, Enterprise & Corporate Development
Business Talent Group

Sean Mooney
Founder and CEO


Networking Break

Introduction by: Smooch Repovich Rosenberg
Michael Barriere
Sumeet Salwan


Introduction by: Smooch Repovich Rosenberg Founder & CEO – SmoochUnplugged Michael Barriere Senior Partner – CEO.works Sumeet Salwan Co-Founder & CEO – CEO.works

Selecting and allocating great talent to a critical role is one thing. But a significant risk to value sits just outside the talent match. It is embedded in the context of the expected work and the design of the role itself. Mobilization is the process of capturing the value “discounts” hidden in each transformation. In this effective presentation, Sumeet Salwan – CEO and co-founder of CEO.works, and Mike Barriere – CEO.works senior partner – assert that new rules, new tools, and new routines are required for a modern, effective approach to talent. They will examine cutting-edge tools and methodologies that are designed to pivot human capital interventions from process excellence to value creation, describing a modern playbook purposely built for PE firms seeking a talent edge.



Introduction by: Raj Das
Samantha Adams


Introduction by: Raj Das Partner and Global Transformation Practice Leader – Buffkin/Baker Samantha Adams Managing Director, Talent – Berkshire Partners

The pace of change among private equity firms has never been higher. We are experiencing record deal volume at record paces, many firms are changing their operating models from generalist to industry focused and the hunt for talent is more competitive than ever. Add to that the fact that the industry has just gone through the greatest global work experiment of all time – an entire workforce sent home during the pandemic – followed by “the great reshuffle” in the labor market. Nothing is as it was. Samantha Adams, head of talent, for Berkshire Partners will talk about how there has been no greater need for talent leadership than right now, and some of the practices (and pitfalls!) Berkshire has put in place to help lead the firm through this time of unprecedented uncertainty.



Rob Adams

Closing Remarks

Rob Adams Moderator – Hunt Scanlon Media

VIP Cocktail Reception

Recruiting world class leadership is the No. 1 priority for private equity firms and their portfolios in the wake of COVID-19. As a result, a transformative shift is happening in PE recruiting – with an emphasis on new drivers, including culture, diversity & inclusion, and engagement. Hunt Scanlon Media is convening hundreds of private equity leaders, chief talent officers and executive recruiters at the Marriott Marquis in New York on May 19, 2022 to explore the new levers private equity talent leaders are pulling on to unleash higher levels of leadership performance. Their aim: To find new and sustainable ways to enhance value, growth, results, and returns.

Private Equity Recruiting: Designing the New Private Equity Talent Blueprint’ will include leaders from across the field, including: Andrew Thompson, CEO and founder of Notch Partners; Gary Pinkus, chairman of North America at McKinsey & Company; Tim Russell, managing partner at The Tolan Group; Johnathan Medina, global head of DE&I at Macquarie Asset Management; Richard Herman, managing partner and global private equity practice leader at ZRG; Dell Larcen, operating partner – human capital at Gryphon Investors; James Cherubim, head of talent acquisition at The Carlyle Group; Annie Paydar, global head of human capital at General Atlantic; Charlotte Cederwall, partner at Acertitude; Dan Hawkins, founder & president at Summit Leadership Partners; Will Busch III, managing director – growth strategies at FMG Leading; Scott Aldsworth, president of The Bowdoin Group; Jimmy Holloran, partner at ParkerGale Capital; Amanda Roberts, partner – talent at L Catterton; Michelle Nasir, chief talent officer at Arsenal Capital Partners; Kit Cooper, partner at Signal Partners; Adam Zellner, VP enterprise & corporate development at Business Talent Group (BTG); Sean Mooney, founder and CEO of BluWave; Jordan Brugg, global head of private equity at Spencer Stuart; Jasvinder Khaira, senior managing director at Blackstone; Kathy Gallo, founder and CEO of Goodstone Group; Gemma Gucci, managing director – global head of talent acquisition and Aaron Miller, partner at Apollo Global Management; Smooch Repovich Rosenberg, founder and CEO of SmoochUnplugged; Michael Barriere, senior partner and Sumeet Salwan co-founder and CEO of CEO.works; Raj Das, partner and global transformation practice leader at Buffkin/Baker; Samantha Adams, managing director – talent at Berkshire Partner; and others.

We invite you to come learn how the private equity community is reimagining how they recruit, develop, manage, engage and retain 21st century talent.

Join our exclusive network of hundreds of PE leaders, chief talent officers and executive recruiters on May 19, 2022 at the Marriott Marquis of New York. Our thought-provoking presentations and Q&A sessions exploring talent management is a must-attend event. Our formal sessions will include continental breakfast, a mid-morning networking break, a pre-lunch champagne reception, a delicious main course, and an after-hours cocktail reception.

Marriott Marquis of New York City
1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
Tel: (212) 398-1900

(Cancellation notice: any passes canceled after February 11, 2022 will not be refunded. Sponsorships non-refundable.)


Samantha Adams, Managing Director, Talent – Berkshire Partners

Sam Adams joined Berkshire Partners in 2012 as director of talent management and became a Managing Director in 2016. In her role at the firm, Sam oversees all aspects of the talent formula for private equity and Stockbridge including talent strategy, human capital planning, recruiting, DEI, staffing of teams, learning and development, performance management and key strategic human capital initiatives for the firm. She sits on the governance and policy committee, the operating committee and the compensation committee for the firm.

Prior to joining Berkshire, Sam was the senior vice president of enterprise brand strategy for Bank of America. Before that, she worked at Hill Holliday, Discovery Health Channel and Bain & Co.

Scott Aldsworth, President - The Bowdoin Group

Scott brings more than 25 years of industry experience, with a proven track record of building and overseeing professional services teams in high-growth organizations. Joining The Bowdoin Group in 2016 as the chief revenue officer, Scott currently serves as president and directs long-term strategy around Bowdoin’s sales initiatives and go-to-market approach, overseeing marketing, sales, and business development.

Prior to joining The Bowdoin Group, Scott had an extensive career running sales organizations at several Boston-based companies and supporting financial and operational growth with VC-backed and PE-backed startups. Before joining the firm, Scott served as vice president of sales at Radius Worldwide (formerly High Street Partners) where he helped build the global growth firm from a small start-up to a PE-backed company with nearly 1,000 employees. Prior to Radius, he served as vice president of mergers & acquisitions at Interliant, where he completed 28 acquisitions of internet service companies in just three years, and helped the infrastructure solutions company to its IPO.

Michael Barriere, Senior Partner – CEO.works

Michael Barriere is a former McKinsey partner and four-time chief HR / talent officer (Walmart, Alcoa, NY Life, Citigroup) who knows how to build the leadership capabilities that enable global businesses to create value and increase profitability. For 25+ years, he has combined the formulation and execution of innovative growth initiatives with a disciplined process for increasing the number of exemplary performers in critical value-driving roles.

Michael comes to CEO Works after leading McKinsey’s global platform for linking talent to value. For five years, he oversaw the alignment of top teams with the value agenda, the identification of critical roles, and the filling of those roles with best fit talent at over 50 companies spanning retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services.

Previously, while chief talent officer for Walmart, Michael coached and advised high-potential executives and accelerated the development of the top 100 NextGen leaders, enabling the enterprise’s business strategy while effectively improving the slate of “ready now” candidates for the top 50 critical roles. As CHRO at Alcoa, he developed and applied predictive analytics that linked the compensation of executives to employee engagement, diversity, workplace safety, and sustainability goals. As senior VP of HR at New York Life Insurance, he prepared the company for entering into more complex business markets by designing and implementing a talent assessment and planning process that closed key gaps in the top 100 critical roles.

In various senior executive positions at Citigroup, including that of CHRO for Citi Private Bank, Michael translated factors that differentiate top-tier performance in critical roles into competency-based processes which became the criteria for talent selection, development and rewards that were lauded across the global Citi organization for their impact on the bottom line. Early in his career, Michael created an assessment process for determining critical business success factors and leadership practices for PepsiCo, which drove their talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies.

Jordan Brugg, Global Head of Private Equity – Spencer Stuart

Jordan Brugg is the global head of private equity for Spencer Stuart. In this capacity, he oversees a team providing a comprehensive suite of leadership advisory services and human capital consulting to private equity firms and their portfolio companies. This includes due-diligence support, identifying, assessing and recruiting the right leadership to accelerate performance, and ensuring culture and organizational design align with portfolio company operating agendas to drive value creation.

Jordan is also a member of the firm’s CEO, board, and industrial practices. He has led more than 300 CEO search and CEO succession plans for both publicly traded and investor-backed enterprises, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to middle-market businesses. He also advises families and founders transitioning leadership.

In addition to his client work, Jordan was part of the founding team of the firm’s Washington, D.C., office. He later played key operational roles in the development of the firm’s private equity practice and the inception of the firm’s succession consulting business. He also founded the industrial services specialty practice, launched the industrial technology coverage team and subsequently led the firm’s broader industrial practice in North America for five years.

Will Busch III, Managing Director, Growth Strategies – FMG Leading

Will Busch III leads the private equity practice at FMG Leading, where he brings over 15 years of experience in designing, implementing, and leading strategic human capital initiatives that accelerate profitable growth.

Prior to joining FMG Leading, Will held a variety of executive roles at Korn Ferry and Gallup, where he developed a unique approach to business transformation that incorporated strategy execution, behavioral economics, change management, and customer analytics to create and capture value. Specializing in growth-focused firms and investors, Will’s expertise leverages human capital and organizational growth levers to drive revenue generation and enhance operational efficiency.

Charlotte Cederwall, Partner – Acertitude

Charlotte Cederwall is a private equity specialist, partner, and co-lead for the consumer & retail practice at Acertitude. She partners with best-in-class management teams and world-renowned private equity investors and their portfolio companies across North America and Europe, critically contributing to value creation.

Her extensive experience includes both building and assessing executive teams and boards and facilitating people-related diligence on upcoming deals. She has personally led numerous high-profile private equity-backed CEO, CFO, chair and board searches internationally and across all consumer & retail related sub-sectors, including e-commerce and digital. Along with her hands-on role within the consumer & retail practice, Charlotte leads and supports the coordination of global private equity relationships firmwide.

Charlotte brings over 15 years of executive search and leadership advisory experience to her role as a partner at Acertitude. Prior to joining the firm, Charlotte spent eight years at Skill Capital, a leading global executive search and advisory firm dedicated to private equity operating across executive search, strategic advisory, and capital raising. Charlotte was a partner and led the consumer & retail practice alongside establishing and co-leading the firms executive search focus and training. Before focusing on consumer & retail, Charlotte spent a number of years within the firm’s healthcare & pharmaceutical practice.

James Cherubim, Head of Talent Acquisition – The Carlyle Group

James Cherubim is a principal and head of talent acquisition within the human resources group at The Carlyle Group. He is based in Washington, D.C.

Prior to joining Carlyle, James was a principal and head of talent acquisition at Ares Management, based in the firm’s Los Angeles office. Prior to that, he was a director at Sheffield Haworth, a global executive search firm, where he focused on senior-level engagements across global banking and private equity and was based in New York.

Kit Cooper, Partner – Signal Partners

Kit Cooper has spent the last 15 years working with private equity sponsors to build great companies, both as a founder & CEO and as an executive search professional. Kit brings invaluable operator experience to recruiting, allowing him to calibrate quickly and empathize with CEOs and investors alike.

Kit has executed a wide range of search assignments, helping companies where the needs are most urgent, regardless of whether there is a “C” in the title. He has unique experience leading CEO searches for companies facing founder transitions during and after a change of control and has partnered with sponsors that include CI Capital, New Mountain Capital, Parthenon Capital, Anchorage Capital, and Serent Capital among others.

Prior to executive search Kit started, ran and sold two BPO companies, including Hispanic Teleservices Corp (HTC), which was backed by both JPMorgan Partners and CVC. Kit helped HTC grow to over 3,000 employees and position the company for a sale to The Carlyle Group. In recognition of his team’s accomplishments, Kit received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Business Services.

Raj Das, Partner and Global Transformation Practice Leader – Buffkin/Baker

Raj Das serves as partner and global transformation practice leader at Buffkin/Baker, a national retained executive search firm, and part of the global consortium Panorama with 50 offices around the world. He runs the firm’s New York City office along with responsibility for its private equity practice. He focuses on senior level executive and board talent placements in digital, marketing, and technology roles. In his role, Raj brings over 25 years of experience and relationships advising organizations at corporate, investment banking, and entrepreneurial levels.

Previously Raj was the founder and CEO at POM Partners, a global digital media incubation and acceleration firm. Prior to POM Partners, he was CFO and chief strategy officer at a $500 million revenue publicly traded direct marketing company (5,000 employees) with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Raj has executed over $20 billion of transactions during his investment banking career at Citigroup, ING Barings, and Bear Stearns.

Kathy Gallo, Founder and CEO – Goodstone Group

Kathy Gallo is founder and CEO of Goodstone Group LLC, a highly vetted network of executive coaches working with leaders, teams, and boards of large, mid-market, and early-stage businesses across sectors and geographies.

Over the past five years, nearly half of Kathy’s coaching has been focused in the private equity sector – both within PE firms and across their portfolios. Kathy’s coaching of senior leaders includes several board-directed succession assignments, both for publicly held companies and for those with PE sponsors.

Previously, Kathy was an SVP for Fannie Mae, where she led a transformation of the human resource function and partnered closely with the Board on culture, executive assessments, compensation, and on C-level succession planning.

Kathy was a partner with McKinsey & Company where she worked for sixteen years, leading global programs to help recruit, develop, excite, and retain 12,000 consultants operating in 44 countries.

Gemma Gucci, Managing Director and Global Head of Talent Acquisition – Apollo Global Management

Gemma Gucci is managing director and global head of talent acquisition at Apollo Global Management where she is responsible for leading the firm’s recruitment efforts, setting our global talent acquisition strategy, and ensuring that we bring in top talent from a range of diverse backgrounds. She also sits on the firm’s human capital leadership team.

Prior to joining the firm in 2021, she was the Americas head of executive talent acquisition at BlackRock. She was previously the recruitment lead for alternative investments. Prior to her role at BlackRock, Gemma was a senior associate at Korn Ferry, a leading global executive search firm, where she spent five years as a member of the global financial markets practice, focused on the asset management and alternative investments sectors.

Prior to joining Korn Ferry, Gemma was an associate in the corporate equity services group at Jefferies & Company, Inc. where she worked closely with public companies on stock repurchase plans, and with private equity and venture capital firms on large block sales. She began her career with Credit Suisse where she was a sales assistant in private banking.

Dan Hawkins, Founder & President – Summit Leadership Partners

After a successful corporate career, Dan Hawkins founded Summit Leadership Partners to help growth-oriented companies and business leaders improve organization performance. Since forming Summit, he has advised numerous boards, investors, CEOs and senior leaders in a myriad of industries across the globe.

Dan brings 25+ years of proven success as a chief human resources officer, top talent and organization development executive, global HR vice president, and other senior leadership roles with high-performing global companies. Dan has deep expertise in leadership, strategy, assessment, executive, and organization development. He is practical, insightful, and focused on outcomes.

Dan’s corporate experiences include well-known companies such Asurion, Ingersoll Rand, MagneTek, and Hoechst Celanese. He has worked in the public and private arena, including private equity and venture capital. His industry experience includes life sciences, chemicals, technology, consumer products, retail, industrial, and financial services. Dan has significant global experience and has coached senior level leaders and organizations in most regions of the world. He has authored and presented numerous topics on leadership, organization change, strategy, leading in global contexts, and strategic talent management.

Richard Herman, Managing Partner, Global Private Equity Practice Leader – ZRG

Richard Herman brings a strong track record of successful senior level search engagements to the Private Equity Practice at ZRG. His focus is building world-class management teams and helping investors maximize returns by recruiting transformational senior leaders. He has worked across a variety of industries, including industrial manufacturing, food and ingredients, consumer goods, professional and consumer services, as well as healthcare and life sciences.

Richard focuses on supporting chief executive and chief financial officers to build best-in-class teams by recruiting for all senior-level finance positions. The core of his practice revolves around recruiting chief financial officers, chief accounting officers/corporate controllers, treasurers, internal audit leaders, tax management and other division finance executives.

Prior to joining ZRG, Richard led recruiting and portfolio talent management at American Capital, a premier middle-market private equity fund and alternative asset manager based in Bethesda, MD with over $24 billion in assets under management. In this role, he partnered with investment leaders and portfolio company executives to drive senior level hiring and talent management for American Capital’s varied portfolio companies.

Richard got his start in executive search at Christian & Timbers (now CTPartners) working with Venture Capital and Private Equity funds to recruit senior level talent. He began his career as a marketing associate at The Advisory Board Company, a strategic research firm focused on healthcare and hospital systems.

Jimmy Holloran, Partner – ParkerGale Capital

Jimmy Holloran is a partner at ParkerGale Capital. He is responsible for working with portfolio companies on talent strategy focusing on organizational design and development as well as communication both within each company and across the portfolio.

Prior to joining ParkerGale, Jimmy worked on talent strategy at Home Chef, a venture-backed meal kit company, and Bain & Company working with clients on a variety of engagements including growth strategy and organizational re-design. Earlier in his career, Jimmy worked in sales at Nortel Networks and as a teacher with Teach For America.

Jasvinder Khaira, Senior Managing Director – Blackstone

Jasvinder Khaira is a senior managing director and founding member of the tactical opportunities group at Blackstone. He has led Blackstone’s investments in a number of sectors and areas including digital infrastructure, consumer and asset-backed transactions.

Prior to joining tactical 0pportunities, Mr. Khaira was a member of Blackstone’s private equity group and Blackstone Credit and has been involved in the execution of the firm’s initial public offering and the firm’s investment in GSO Capital partners.

Dell Larcen, Operating Partner, Human Capital – Gryphon Investors

Dell Larcen is an operating partner of human capital at Gryphon Investors. Dell leads organizational development initiatives that help Gryphon and its portfolio companies achieve their long-term goals. She helps organizations improve their performance by assessing and coaching individuals and teams to improve their leadership and management capabilities. Dell currently serves on Gryphon Company Board: Jensen Hughes.

Prior to Gryphon, Dell’s experience included serving as CEO of Larcen Consulting Group  – a network of professionals and independently- contracted human capital specialists that work with a wide range of companies in the financial sector, as well as with major blue-chip companies such as General Electric and FedEx. She was founder and CEO of Overlook Center – a 33-site behavioral health care company which eventually was acquired by a major integrated health care system. Dell was also a founding member of Mental Health Risk Retention Group – a risk retention insurance company for behavioral health malpractice coverage. She also served as an adjunct faculty professor at The University of Tennessee.

Johnathan Medina, Global Head of DE&I – Macquarie Asset Management

Johnathan Medina is the global head of DE&I for Macquarie Asset Management. In this global role, Johnathan is responsible for fostering inclusion and bolstering diversity across Macquarie. With a personal and professional passion for inclusion, he partners portfolio companies to both embed I&D as a business imperative to drive a competitive advantage and increase diversity in their boardrooms.

Prior to this role, Johnathan was a partner within Accenture’s strategy practice, where he advised Fortune 500 companies and their C-Suites on large scale business transformation. He guided clients in reimagining their business models, organizational structures, cultures, talent strategies, and employee experiences.

Johnathan is the co-founder of Accenture’s Global Inclusion and Diversity Service Offering. As lead of this offering, he managed all client engagements, business development, it’s P&L, as well as the development of its assets and methodologies. Johnathan has advised global clients across multiple industries (e.g., retail, healthcare, professional services, technology) on how to leverage existing data to create actionable I&D strategies that enable their business strategies. He also has deep expertise in creating work environments where people feel safe, seen, and connected.

He has partnered with the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and the Petroleum Equipment & Services Association (PESA) to develop corporate pledges that champion inclusion and diversity goals.

Johnathan started his career in capital markets. As a vice president in Merrill Lynch’s financial products group, he developed and marketed investment strategies to help clients capitalize on movements of the equity, commodity, and foreign exchange markets.

Aaron Miller, Partner – Apollo Global Management

Aaron Miller join Apollo in 2019 as a partner leading the Apollo Portfolio Performance Solutions (APPS), where he oversees efforts to help the management and deal teams drive more successful investment outcomes by maximizing value, reducing leakage, and accelerating value capture. He has served on the board of Apollo portfolio companies including McGraw-Hill Education and TechData Corporation

Immediately preceding Apollo, Aaron was the chief operating officer of Catalina Marketing where he was responsible for innovation & customer delivery, which included product, technology, analytics, operations and solutions in Europe, Japan and the US.

Prior to Catalina, Aaron was an operating director at Berkshire Partners where he collaborated with deal teams and portfolio company executives to set the strategic agenda and drive value creation plans, senior talent acquisition, and operational performance improvement including salesforce effectiveness, org restructuring, productivity improvement.

He also spent 12 years at Bain & Company most recently as a partner, including several years as a leader in the Bain Corporate Renewal group where he held both interim chief operating officer, chief transformation and advisory roles focused on preserving equity value for the distressed and underperforming investments of private equity firms and other financial institutions. He also spent time in Bain’s core advisory business helping companies drive growth, performance improvement, transformation, and deal diligence across a broad range of sectors, business situations and geographies.

Earlier in his career also held key product and operations leadership roles with General Mills and Cereal Partners Worldwide, a joint venture between General Mills and Nestle, in the US and Latin America.

Michelle Nasir, Chief Talent Officer – Arsenal Capital Partners

Michelle Nasir is Arsenal Capital Partners’ chief talent officer (CTO). Michelle’s expertise includes M&A due diligence, executive coaching, succession and transition planning, senior team effectiveness, organization assessment, and diversity strategies across a variety of industries.

Prior to Arsenal, Michelle was the CTO at United States Steel Corporation where she was responsible for developing and delivering critical aspect of their People Strategy inclusive of succession planning, digitization of talent processes, and the design and implementation of inaugural talent to value and capability building programs. She also led and delivered core element of the Company’s global efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Prior to US Steel, Michelle was a partner at Heidrick & Struggles. During her eight-year tenure, Michelle advised Fortune 100 C-suite executives at the intersection of business strategy and leadership. Prior to Heidrick, she held a senior leadership role at Google. Before working in the human capital area, Michelle held senior strategy and operating roles at AOL/Time Warner and at Pfizer. Michelle also worked as a consultant at McKinsey, E&Y and Accenture. Throughout her career, Michelle has prioritized talent and has been a mentor and sponsor to many.

Annie Paydar, Global Head of Human Capital – General Atlantic

Annie Dahle Paydar is the global head of human capital at General Atlantic and leads the firm’s human capital and talent development initiatives. Annie has a track record of success designing and implementing strategic change initiatives that help organizations achieve their mission and strategic goals. Before joining General Atlantic in 2018, Annie spent 14 years at The Carlyle Group where she held several human resources leadership roles in North America and EMEA. Annie began her career in human resources at The Blackstone Group.

Gary Pinkus, Chairman of North America – McKinsey & Company

Gary Pinkus is chairman of North America for McKinsey & Company. He was previously the managing partner for the firm in North America, and before that led McKinsey’s office for the Western United States. Gary is also the former global leader of McKinsey’s private equity & principal investors practice, which he helped co-found more than two decades ago. He has been a long-time member of McKinsey’s Shareholders Council (our global governance board), including historically chairing the finance and infrastructure committee and the risk, audit, and governance committee. His client work spans multiple industries with a particular focus on private equity and principal investors.

Gary joined McKinsey in Los Angeles in 1987 as a business analyst and came to the firm’s San Francisco office in 1992. Over the course of his career, he has worked for Dole Food Company in Honduras, Bear Stearns’ M&A group in New York, and in McKinsey’s Houston, Mexico City, Sydney, and Zurich offices.

Gary currently serves on the boards of Wake Forest University and US Ski and Snowboard Association. He is a prior member of the boards of San Francisco Opera, California Academy of Sciences, Menlo School, California Business Roundtable, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, ReSurge International (formerly Interplast), and the investment committee for Woodside School Foundation.

Smooch Repovich Rosenberg, Founder & CEO – SmoochUnplugged

Smooch Repovich Rosenberg is the founder & CEO of SmoochUnplugged. Smooch’s work is more than just a career — headhunting is in her DNA. She defines her success by the achievements of her clients and the candidates whom she has placed. “I have spent my life focused on doing the right things, which is vastly different from those who do things right. In the recent decade alone, by placing the right IRO talent, our client companies’ valuations have increased by more than $750 Billion.”

After more than 25 years as a globally recognized executive search consultant, Smooch has her finger on the pulse of the global investor relations officer profession and has had tremendous success leveraging human capital strategies to create high-octane, superior performing investor relations functions. She has the unique ability to see around corners and readily identify solutions to human capital challenges that advance company valuation. Her work spans pre-IPO companies to the mega-cap entities across all industry sectors.

A true innovator in her field, Smooch effectively pioneered investor relations executive search when she was catapulted into the field by a former CEO for whom she worked at an international IR and communications consultancy. Now she is considered a key catalyst in evolving the profession to the level of respect it commands today. She is known as a leading authority on the intangible leadership traits that define the top 20% of Investor Relations Officers globally.

Smooch is the only executive search consultant in the world who exclusively solves investment community challenges through IRO talent placement and addresses corporate brand dilemmas through chief communications officer talent advisement and placement. Her specialization in this field results in a competitive advantage for clients and candidates that cannot be found elsewhere.

Today, she utilizes her sharp business acumen to serve clients ranging in size from pre-IPO startups to Fortune 100 corporations, and companies around the world, as a C-suite executive search consultant, talent acquisition strategist, and leadership coach.

Amanda Roberts, Operating Partner of Talent Acquisition – L Catterton

Amanda Roberts is an operating partner of talent acquisition at L Catterton. Prior to joining L Catterton, Ms. Roberts was a consultant at Egon Zehnder, where she led the U.S. consumer practice and partnered with clients in board consulting, talent assessment and recruitment of senior executives across multiple industries. Amanda also brings operating experience from Blinkbox, Young & Rubicam Brands and Management Leadership for Tomorrow, along with consulting experience from The Parthenon Group.

Tim Russell, Managing Partner – The Tolan Group

Having started his recruitment career in 1997, Tim Russell has worked for two of the nation’s leading healthcare staffing firms which culminated into his co-owning an Atlanta based physician recruitment firm for five years prior to joining The Tolan Group team. Tim is an expert in all facets of the healthcare ecosystem in both the provider and hospital sector and has always had a focus on new business development and client acquisition.

Today, Tim is managing partner equity owner and leads all business development activities for The Tolan Group with a primary responsibility in private equity growth and procurement for the firm.

Sumeet Salwan, Co-Founder & CEO – CEO.works

Sumeet Salwan has spent the last 30+ years working on connecting human capital with business value. As co-founder and CEO of CEO.works, he leads the business with a vision towards the future of human capital management. He is passionate about working with CEOs, founders, and PE firm partners to deliver their value agenda with a talent edge while inventing new HR 3.0 models, methodologies and practices along the way.

Sumeet Salwan served as global head of HR for two of Johnson & Johnson’s business units: first, their worldwide consumer business and then their medical device company.

Previously, he spent over 20 years with Unilever, rising through the ranks from intern to director to leader of the global program office of HR in Rotterdam. He helped build Unilever’s talent strategy for emerging markets and then led its execution as head of HR in the Asia Pacific region. In his final role, he moved to the US as the Head of HR and drove a significant transformation for Unilever.

He formerly sat on the advisory boards of Lee Hecht Harrison, a firm that specializes in talent development and transitions management, and of HR people + strategy, the executive network of the Society for Human Resource Management. Currently, he sits on the advisory board of Strategic Value Partners (SVPGlobal), a global investment firm with more than $18B assets under management, focused on distressed debt and private equity opportunities.

Andrew Thompson, CEO and Founder – Notch Partners

Andrew Thompson is the CEO and founder of Notch Partners, a preeminent provider of CEO-level talent to private equity firms seeking competitive advantage through proprietary deal flow, industry insight, and superior management teams.

Prior to founding Notch Partners, Andy was managing director of Primedia Ventures, where he co-managed two private equity investment funds. In that capacity, he served on several boards of directors, providing strategic oversight and helping to build top-caliber management teams for the portfolio companies. Previously, he was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company and has been involved as an executive, board member, and/or investor in a number of private companies.

Andy serves on the board of trustees for New Jersey SEEDS, an academic and leadership program for high-achieving, low-income youth.

Adam Zellner, VP Enterprise & Corporate Development – Business Talent Group (BTG)

Adam Zellner has worked at Business Talent Group (BTG) for 10 plus years and currently leads corporate development and BTG’s enterprise business. Adam focuses on building on-demand talent (ODT) solutions that address near-term business opportunities and create long-term strategic value —including through partnerships and the development and launch of new products/services.

To do this, Adam works closely with corporate and private equity leaders to understand where and how they are using on-demand talent (ODT) to drive impact within their businesses. Adam also spends time with other companies in the ODT space to understand their businesses and the evolution of their offerings and value proposition.


Premier Sponsors

At Spencer Stuart, they know how much leadership matters. The firm is trusted by organizations around the world to help them make the senior-level leadership decisions that have a lasting impact on their enterprises. Through executive search, board and leadership advisory services, the firm helps build and enhance high-performing teams for select clients ranging from major multinationals to emerging companies to nonprofit institutions.

Privately held since 1956, Spencer Stuart focuses on delivering knowledge, insight and results through the collaborative efforts of a team of experts — now spanning more than 60 offices, over 30 countries and more than 50 practice specialties. Boards and leaders consistently turn to Spencer Stuart to help address their evolving leadership needs in areas such as senior-level executive search, board recruitment, board effectiveness, succession planning, in-depth senior management assessment, employee engagement and many other facets of culture and organizational effectiveness. For more information, visit www.spencerstuart.com.

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm and serves as a trusted advisor to the world’s leading businesses, governments, and institutions.

McKinsey works with leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors. The firm’s scale, scope, and knowledge allows them to address problems that no one else can. They have deep functional and industry expertise as well as breadth of geographical reach. The firm is passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to their clients and, often, to the world. For more information, visit www.mckinsey.com.

Platinum Sponsor

CEO.works is an executive advisory and capability building company.

At CEO.works, they want to have a positive impact on the world by helping businesses perform better. When the firm helps business leaders succeed it elevates their customers, employees, stakeholders and their communities. 

CEO.works was founded to advise, consult and teach business leaders the tools and approaches needed to bend the value curve upward in this era of exponential change.

The combination of the firm’s CEO level advisory and training programs gives their clients both short term results and lasting capabilities. They avoid traditional consulting models with large change programs. They perform precision transformations with focused interventions designed to unlock value, fast. For more information, visit www.ceoworks.com.

Lunch Sponsor

Since 1999, ZRG’s data-driven approach to executive and professional search has been changing the way clients think about how to find top talent.

Today, ZRG is one of the fastest growing firms in the search industry and provides a full suite of executive, middle management, project, and interim search solutions globally through its offices in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. It’s time to stop searching and start building with ZRG. For more information, visit www.zrgpartners.com.

Breakfast Sponsor

FMG Leading is an advisory firm that helps clients build world-class organizations at the intersection of business strategy and human capital performance. FMG Leading’s clients outperform the competition by developing the leaders, teams, and cultures that they need to deliver on strategy and accelerate growth.

FMG Leading’s private equity practice helps firms overcome the human capital challenges associated with identifying and growing investments, from assessing senior leaders to building the alignment and skill required to execute on strategy. FMG Leading has a strong track record of partnering with investors to identify the human capital strategies most critical to achieving their investment thesis, accelerating value creation, and positioning them for a strong exit.

FMG Leading partners with PE investors to ensure their human capital strategies align with enterprise strategy, maximizing shareholder value and driving growth across the portfolio. For more information, visit www.fmgleading.com

VIP Cocktail Reception Sponsor

Prais+Barnette is a female-owned, retained executive search firm and talent consultancy servicing fashion, retail, technology, and hospitality brands in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

One of the fastest growing firms in the search industry, Prais+Barnette is built upon one simple philosophy: Ego is the enemy of great work.

With an optimized search process that allows for more meaningful up-front discovery and earlier client calibration, along with senior partners that espouse both empathy and authenticity, the firm has cultivated an experience that rejects arrogance and embraces conversation, drives collaboration and creativity, and ultimately delivers more thoughtful, uniquely relevant, talent solutions. For more information, visit www.praisbarnette.com.

Lanyard Sponsor

JM Search is a premier retained executive search firm and trusted advisor to CEOs, investors and boards of directors in recruiting, assessing and delivering high-performance leaders and transformational leadership teams. 

JM Search clients include private equity firms and portfolio companies, venture capital-backed businesses, and publicly held companies across North America. Founded in 1980, the JM Search team brings together former operating and financial executives, investors and experienced search professionals with deep industry specialization, functional expertise and proven access to talent spanning multiple industry sectors.  

With national reach and local market depth, the firm’s partner-led approach enables JM Search to deliver exceptional leaders who enhance organizational performance and drive shareholder value. For more information, visit www.jmsearch.com.

Gold Sponsors

Acertitude is a reimagined executive search firm and leadership consultancy that helps transform businesses by recruiting exceptional board, C-level, and senior executive leaders. Its dedicated team specializes in partnering with private equity firms and portfolio companies who find themselves at a transformative moment in time, delivering for 60% of top private equity firms globally.

Acertitude believes in the unstoppable power of brilliant people at work – their ability to transform an entire business, to empower a whole team, to change their lives and the lives of the people they care about for good. So their focus is singular, finding the right individual, for the right role, so that they can unleash their true potential.

Each business the firm’s partners work with are treated as their own, taking ‘extreme ownership’ over their clients’ needs and seeking to understand everything there is about them. Searches are not one-offs, but long-term partnerships built on personal relationships and deep business understanding. This closeness to clients allows them to stay in tune with their evolving needs and to meet these by adapting their trusted process with speed. For more information, visit www.acertitude.com.

BluWave is an innovative B2B intelligent marketplace that uses technology, data, and human ingenuity to connect more than 500 leading private equity firms and thousands of proactive businesses with best-in-class, pre-vetted, third parties for critical due diligence, value creation, and preparing for sale needs. BluWave’s invitation-only intelligent marketplace includes private equity-grade service provider groups, independent consultants, and interim executives. For more information, visit www.BluWave.net.

Founded in 1994, The Bowdoin Group is an award-winning executive search firm that specializes in leadership and strategic roles, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services, and major hiring projects for a wide range of companies, from small firms building out their executive team to larger firms sourcing talent for rapid market expansion. With deep expertise in BioPharma, Digital Health, FinTech and Financial Services, and Software and Technology, The Bowdoin Group is a national leader with the ability to source talent and service companies globally. The company’s service reputation has earned it a ranking in the top 2% of the recruiting industry for client satisfaction year after year.

The Bowdoin Group is also active in supporting the local entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as several non-profit causes, including Life Science Cares, NEVCA, Hack Diversity, and FinTech Sandbox. For more information, visit www.bowdoingroup.com.

Business Talent Group (BTG) is a leading talent platform that connects top independent consultants, subject matter experts, project managers, and interim executives with the world’s best companies and private equity firms. BTG’s talent marketplace and technology-enabled service model provide just the right on-demand talent needed: remote or on-site, part-time or full-time, individuals or teams, all around the world.

BTG Enterprise provides private equity firms and portfolio companies with access to high-end on-demand talent, at scale, to enable and accelerate value creation.

More than 50 percent of the Fortune 100 and 60+ leading private equity firms trust BTG to curate, vet and deliver legally compliant talent who fuel growth, innovation, and performance improvement. BTG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidrick & Struggles. For more information, visit businesstalentgroup.com and join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Buffkin/Baker is a partner-led executive search firm focusing on healthcare, higher education, private equity, digital transformation, technology, media & telecom, entertainment, and non-profit. As leaders in their respective fields, each partner has over a decade of retained search experience. Combined, the firm’s partners have more than 175 years of search experience and more than 220 years of industry/operating experience.

Office locations include Nashville, New York, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, with an affiliate office in London.

Buffkin / Baker is a member of Panorama, a global community of over 400 leadership experts working together to promote a diverse perspective of leadership, embracing creative thinking, and sharing expertise and experience to bring their clients the very best results. For more information, visit www.buffkinbaker.com.

Goodstone Group is a global executive coaching firm dedicated to developing organizational leaders. The firm’s business-savvy coaches provide one-on-one leadership coaching and coaching to intact teams. For more information, visit www.goodstonegroup.com.

Notch Partners is a preeminent provider of CEO-level talent to private equity firms seeking competitive advantage through proprietary deal flow, industry insight, and superior management teams. For each PE client, the firm assembles a customized ecosystem of exceptional talent, resulting in superior returns for investors and transformative career opportunities for executives. For more information, visit www.notchpartners.com.

Signal Partners is a search firm built to address the talent needs of venture- and private equity-backed companies nationwide. The firm helps financial sponsors and their portfolio companies find and attract force-multiplying talent at all levels. The firm drives a custom, high velocity process for C-Level and critical non-executive positions alike. Signal Partners’ sole purpose is to help financial sponsors and their portfolio companies mitigate execution risk and crush plan by hiring the right people.

SmoochUnplugged LLC is a high octane, global talent consulting firm that offers investor relations officer executive search and strategic human capital advisory specifically directed toward financial market success and corporate brand stewardship. The firm’s CEO is recognized as a market maker with respected investment community leaders, boards of directors, and management teams, with a charter to solve human capital challenges through its innovative, provocative and impactful collaborations with clients and talent around the world.

With 30 years of laser sharp focus in the investor relations officer niche, SmoochUnplugged’s portfolio of success spans clients in all industries and across all sectors of the public company journey from pre-IPO to mega cap entities. SmoochUnplugged has had tremendous success partnering with recognized PE firms to recruit exceptional IRO talent who serve as their portfolio companies’ stewards of brand leadership as these entities transition to the public markets. Viewed as the global investor relations executive search leader, the firm’s credible and respected brand and performance extends from North America to Europe to Asia. Fore more information, visit www.smoochunplugged.com.

Summit Leadership Partners advises boards, investors, CEOs, and senior leaders on strategically scaling business through talent and organization assessment, coaching, executive team effectiveness, leadership development and organization performance improvement. In addition to using advanced behavioral science and data driven tools to uncover opportunities and challenges, the firm’s exceptional consulting team deploys real-world solutions based on proven business experience and acumen. Summit was included in the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America in both 2020 and 2021, ranked #5 on Consulting Magazine’s 2020 Fastest Growing Companies, and was listed in the top 10 in Charlotte Business Journal’s 2020 Fast 50. Summit Leadership Partners is located in Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York, and San Francisco. For more information, visit www.summitleadership.com.

Exhibitor Sponsors

BoardEx is the leading provider of executive intelligence and relationship mapping solutions. Organizations trust BoardEx to identify, qualify and map connection paths to 2 million organizations and the 1.5 million people who lead them. BoardEx is a part of Euromoney People Intelligence, a division of Euromoney PLC which provides organizations with unique data intelligence that connects them with the individuals who will have the greatest impact on their goals. Euromoney People Intelligence is comprised of three unique brands: BoardEx, WealthEngine, and Wealth-X. The firm empowers its clients to build greater relationships, obtain and manage their best talent and reduce commercial risk. For more information, visit www.boardex.com.

Business Talent Group (BTG) is a leading talent platform that connects top independent consultants, subject matter experts, project managers, and interim executives with the world’s best companies and private equity firms. BTG’s talent marketplace and technology-enabled service model provide just the right on-demand talent needed: remote or on-site, part-time or full-time, individuals or teams, all around the world.

BTG Enterprise provides private equity firms and portfolio companies with access to high-end on-demand talent, at scale, to enable and accelerate value creation.

More than 50 percent of the Fortune 100 and 60+ leading private equity firms trust BTG to curate, vet and deliver legally compliant talent who fuel growth, innovation, and performance improvement. BTG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidrick & Struggles. For more information, visit businesstalentgroup.com and join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Equilar is the leading provider of relationship intelligence and corporate leadership data solutions. Companies of all sizes, including 70% of the Fortune 500, rely on Equilar’s data for insights around executive talent and relationships. Equilar’s data-driven solutions help corporate leaders and advisors accelerate sales and business development activities by identifying paths to new opportunities and tracking real-time executive appointments and departures. For more information, visit www.equilar.com.

Ezekia is a full CRM and assignment management tool for executive search firms. Beside a full suite of features, Ezekia is fully cloud based, ISO27001 certified and boasts a fast and resilient platform. Migration to Ezekia is quick and simple and all support and training is free. Fore more information, visit www.ezekia.com.

HireWerx was founded with one goal in mind:  
“Deliver effective talent solutions that produce optimal results for our clients.” 

The firm provides executive search, professional recruitment, talent optimization, and talent advisory services to companies in the technology industry across all functional areas of business management.  

HireWerx’s focus is on working with private equity firms and their portfolio companies to enhance value creation through human capital optimization and talent acquisition.  

Selecting high-performing leaders and teams is an art and a science that requires the application of effective selection and assessment techniques that leverage data. 

HireWerx takes pride in its thought leadership, domain expertise, network of contacts, process, and engagement execution. For more information, visit www.hirewerx.com

Initium BI is an open source data mining and consulting company. Initium has developed a game-changing platform for investors and players interested in talent/people analytics. With its private equity and hedge fund experience, the firm knows the true investment is in people, not companies. Leadership, culture and talent are three of the biggest predictors of future success and until now, they were also three of the hardest metrics to measure and quantify.

Initium’s Talent Analytics Platform delivers an enormous edge when evaluating companies and industries as a whole. Initium BI provides incredibly detailed analytics from multiple sources which includes reviews, hiring trends, compensation, fill rates, from current and former employees (leadership, culture, happiness, etc.), exit interviews, and much more. This improved approach to data driven due diligence helps you better identify good investment opportunities while deepening your vision into the companies and industries you are already invested in, ultimately increasing your funds deal flow and IRR. For more information, visit www.initiumbi.com.

Pointr is an employee experience app that deepens interpersonal relationships, the determinant factor on engagement and retention. High growth companies use Pointr to accelerate time to culture, and time to value. A network of valuable personal insights shared by colleagues for colleagues, bridging life and work.

The emotional intelligence of an organization is being put to test given the competition for high-output employees. Equip every leader and manager with instant, relationship-centric data. Pointr delivers the lost art of relationship building at scale. See how easy it is to get started at pointr.co.

Teamalytics uses behavioral analytics and coaching to eliminate the counterproductive behaviors on your team so you can hit your goals, have Fun, and earn more.

For more than 25 years, Teamalytics has collected and analyzed behavioral data from more than 500,000 people in many of the largest and most respected organizations in the world.

The firm’s executive coaches are successful, senior-level leaders with first-hand experience leading their own teams through our processes in the context of the military, championship sports teams, and many of the largest, most respected companies in the world. Fore more information, visit www.teamalytics.com.

Social Media Sponsors

Bauer Harris is a national executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of C-suite executives, vice presidents and their direct reports. The firm’s uncompromising attention to detail, thoughtful research, and diligent approach ensure that all Bauer Harris clients hire and retain the best talent on the market. As trusted advisors, the firm’s partners actively lead each search and are fully engaged throughout the entire search process guided by success factors most important to your business.

With over 70 years of collective search and leadership consulting experience covering consumer goods and services, industrials, healthcare, financial services/fintech, private equity/ venture capital, professional services, technology and non-profit organizations Bauer Harris’ commitment to its clients goes well beyond just making a placement. The firm strives to move the bar altogether. Success, in their eyes, is finding an executive who is so well-matched to your time and circumstance that they create true value from day one. For more information, visit www.bauerharris.com.

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BrainWorks is a prominent boutique executive search firm offering a 30-year track record of successfully sourcing and placing top talent. By harnessing proven strategies, collaborating with stakeholders and leveraging a diverse and talented candidate network, BrainWorks helps businesses find, attract, and ultimately hire talented professionals that create differentiated results. Their search services can be offered either on a retained or contingency basis depending on the level of commitment your unique search requires.

BrainWorks offers several distinct practice areas, each directed by a Partner offering extensive search experience in their specific discipline. Their practice areas include Accounting & Finance, Accounting & Finance Interim, Analytics, Data Science & Data Governance, Commodities Technology & Trading, Consumer Products, CRM & Direct Marketing, Cybersecurity, Ecommerce & Digital Marketing, Human Resources, IT & Data Engineering, Market Research & Consumer Insights, Operations & Supply Chain, Private Equity & Portfolio Company Leadership, and Sales & Marketing. For more information, visit www.brainworksinc.com

Founded in 1999 by some of the executive search profession’s most experienced recruiters, Calibre One is a leading transatlantic executive search boutique specializing in building diverse leadership teams for innovators and companies undergoing digital transformation, including broad technology, financial services, life sciences, and media. Its team members bring an exceptional level of knowledge, integrity, and tenacity to everything it does. This is underscored by Calibre One’s transparent, consultative approach and proven methodology.

Calibre One offers a 360-degree view to the entire process, along with the analytics to help identify the right candidate and reduce risk. The Calibre One process includes a proprietary measure that aligns client and candidate diversity and inclusion objectives, every search, every time. Through its relentless pursuit of excellence, Calibre One leaves no stone unturned. For more information, please visit http://www.calibreone.com.

DHR Global is one of the largest retained executive search firms in the world, spanning 22 countries.

For more than 30 years, DHR has been a leading provider of executive search, leadership consulting and emerging leader search solutions, with more than 50 wholly-owned locations around the globe. The firm’s renowned consultants deliver unparalleled senior-level executive search and talent advisory services tailored to the unique qualities and specifications of its select client base.

DHR’s executive talent expertise includes more than 20 industry and functional areas, including advanced technology, financial services, private equity, human resources, industrial, consumer & retail and sports.

To DHR, value is a simple proposition summed up in three words. Reach delivers talent solutions that are smart in your world. Resourcefulness brings creativity, flexibility and agility tailored to you. And lasting relationships are at the heart of all they do.

The firm’s emerging leader search services are delivered through Jobplex, a DHR company. For more information, visit www.dhrglobal.com.

Do you need to hire the best operational leaders to turn around your business and take it to the next level? Born at MIT, GeniusMesh is the largest EMBA Network with members from the top business schools in the world. The firm helps organizations discover and connect with leaders in more than 90 industries, fostering excellence and diversity.

With proprietary human capital intelligence tools, GeniusMesh also provides a deeper view of each profile, so hiring managers can build more robust talent pipelines, hire the best-fit candidates, and retain top talent in their organizations. For more information, visit www.geniusmesh.com.

Redefine. Rewrite. Reimagine. Executive Search Experience.

The world does not need more search firms. What is needs is a radical shift in the approach to executive search. The current process employed by search firms worldwide has remained largely unchanged since 1956! At Kingsley Gate Partners, they are challenging that norm and revolutionizing the industry. The successful execution of this notion is the single most significant reason for the firm’s historical growth.

Clients, yesterday, today and tomorrow, care about two things—getting the search right (getting it accurate) and getting it done fast (increased velocity).

Better Search Experience
Kingsley Gate Partners is a global partnership of client-centered executive search consultants providing exceptional service through our differentiated relationships, innovative processes and proprietary technology. Its Synchronous Fit® framework uses our platforms and features infused with expert human insight to solve complex human capital challenges focusing on what is most important to the firm’s clients — accuracy, velocity, transparency and accountability.

Better Client Experience
Kingsley Gate Partners has made the weekly status call a redundant exercise. ClientSuite, the firm’s mobile client portal, ensures full transparency and live feedback at a granular level on the stack-ranked candidates – in the palm of your hand!

Better Candidate Experience
Kingsley Gate’s candidates have a lifetime engagement with the firm through its dedicated mobile portal, CandidateSuite.

For more information, visit www.kingsleygate.com.

Meet Kunik, your culture development partner. Together, we make work more human.

Culture is the single biggest differentiator you have, and Kunik builds better workplaces. The firm helps you build a culture that thrives outside the cubicle and lives wherever your people are. Through intentional, expert-led, conversations, Kunik enables employers to build better relationships with their employees. The result? A culture that retains the talent of today and attracts the talent of tomorrow.

The firm’s expert-led, customized programs bring your people together for intentional moments of connection learning and growth. Whether it’s empathetic leadership, developing associates, hacking hybrid, beating burnout, or supporting ERGs, Kunik works with its proprietary network of thought leaders to customize the programs you need today and solve for the challenges of tomorrow. Consider Kunik your “thought and get stuff done partner.” The team frees up your bandwidth and fulfills your vision of building a workplace where everyone feels seen, valued, and heard.

Ready to level up your culture? For more information, visit www.getkunik.com.

PierceGray is a retained executive search firm, specializing in operations and commercial leadership in private equity-backed and other investor-backed environments. The firm serves a range of sectors, including consumer, industrials, health care, energy, technology, and services. For more information, visit www.piercegray.com.

Prais+Barnette is a female-owned, retained executive search firm and talent consultancy servicing fashion, retail, technology, and hospitality brands in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

One of the fastest growing firms in the search industry, Prais+Barnette is built upon one simple philosophy: Ego is the enemy of great work.

With an optimized search process that allows for more meaningful up-front discovery and earlier client calibration, along with senior partners that espouse both empathy and authenticity, the firm has cultivated an experience that rejects arrogance and embraces conversation, drives collaboration and creativity, and ultimately delivers more thoughtful, uniquely relevant, talent solutions. For more information, visit www.praisbarnette.com.

The Tolan Group is a Hunt Scanlon Top 50 Healthcare and Life Sciences executive search firm recognized for their industry experience and performance driven placement services. Our talented team delivers exceptional candidates in healthcare services, healthcare tech and behavioral health. Our clients are private equity and venture capital partners and their portfolio companies as well as privately help companies and we place talent across all three sectors. We have broad experience placing talent for PE platforms, start-ups, early stage companies as well as working with publicly traded companies. We are headquartered in St Augustine FL, with satellite offices in Atlanta, Tampa, Philadelphia and Appleton, WI. For more information, visit www.thetolangroup.com.

Cancellation Policy

(Cancellation notice: any passes canceled after February 11, 2022 will not be refunded. Sponsorships non-refundable.)


Thank you for your interest in attending our upcoming conference, ‘Private Equity Recruiting: Designing the New Private Equity Talent Blueprint,’ to be held on May 19, 2022 at the Marriott Marquis of New York. The full-day event will begin at 7:30am with continental breakfast, a mid-day luncheon along with a full day of very exciting presentations by top professionals in the sector.

Hunt Scanlon Media is convening hundreds of PE leaders and their heads of talent who will meet for a full day to discuss the leadership gap facing private equity firms. You’ll learn how to deliver the best talent faster and at the right cost and you will walk away with a full range of talent solutions from more than 21 leading experts who will speak throughout the day.