Our W&B Forest

In an effort to help tackle the climate crisis, we have teamed up with the amazing OnHand to grow our very own Wilton & Bain forest, which currently has over 1,000 trees…and this is just the beginning!

Why a W&B Forest?

Trees are one of the most powerful tools against the climate crisis as they are the only natural way to absorb the Co2 that humans are producing at alarming rates, which warms the earth and is causing mass destruction to all forms of life. The more trees the earth has, the more time we buy ourselves to solve the climate crisis.

Our Pledge

We pledge to protect and bring back as many lost trees as we can in order to help keep the impact of the climate crisis below 2° Celsius. Together we will:

  • Plant 1 tree per employee every month for a year
  • Plant 1 tree for every client we have
  • Plant 1 tree for every new client we work with

If you or your organisation would also like to get involved please visit:

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