Nicklas Jungander appointed Global Practice Head of MU’s Manufacturing practice

MU’s Practice model ensures Reliable Leadership Advice™ tailored to each organisation and industry. By bringing together expert consultants facing similar challenges, we leverage collective expertise to address diverse client needs effectively. This collaborative approach transcends geographical borders, enabling seamless collaboration to serve our clients across the globe.

Our company’s largest industry practice is manufacturing, a sector we’ve been deeply rooted in for over 50 years. We’ve built expertise and a track record that spans decades, making manufacturing one of our key practices.

We are pleased to announce that Nicklas Jungander, Partner MU, has been appointed Global Practice Head for our Manufacturing Practice to continue building on its strength.

Nicklas Jungander:
”As the global business landscape undergoes rapid transformation, the manufacturing sector stands at the forefront of change. With the rise of digitalization, Industry 4.0 technologies, and the growing need for sustainable production, effective leadership in manufacturing has never been more critical. Leaders in this sector must navigate complex challenges such as supply chain disruptions, geopolitical uncertainties, and the ever-increasing demand for innovation.

As such, MU and our global Manufacturing team of +50 experts, are committed to helping and guiding our clients in identifying, assessing and placing executives, who can drive forward-thinking strategies, harness emerging technologies, and lead sustainable initiatives, shaping the future of manufacturing and driving global business transformation.”

With a passion for international business, leadership and transformative change, including digitalisation, sustainability, and electrification, Nicklas advises executives and board members in Executive Search and Leadership Advisory. He has long-standing experience with international business clients worldwide, advising senior leaders on company strategies for 15 years.

His new appointment means that he is now heading MU’s Manufacturing Practice, but other MU practices benefit as well from Nicklas vast experience.

Before joining MU more than a decade ago, he worked in Business Development, Marketing, and Sales, honing skills in pursuing business opportunities and supporting strategic planning and growth for companies.

Congratulations Nicklas!

Read more about Nicklas, and contact him here.

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