NGS Global Americas Goes Carbon Neutral

(Dec. 2021) NGS Global Americas is delighted to announce that they have achieved carbon neutral status. A comprehensive measurement of sources of carbon emissions such as business travel and external service providers has allowed NGS Global Americas to not only offset past emissions, but also to make more sustainable choices for the future. The effort, spearheaded by Steve Lavelle of NGS Global UK, has already led to direct investment in renewable energy sources and reforestation projects, as well as a comprehensive review of all key service providers.

“Through this important initiative, driven by the insight and vision of Steve Lavelle, Managing Partner of our London office, we will do our part to become a truly sustainable global organization. While we do not have a large carbon footprint, finding ways to reduce it even further is a worthwhile goal. Throughout our 34 offices, efforts are underway to adopt principles and practices to reduce carbon emission, including evaluating our suppliers based on their carbon emission status and making direct investments into renewable energy projects for our offices” said David Nosal, Chairman and Managing Partner of NGS Global.

NGS Global will continue to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint across the globe and to offset any emission that can’t be avoided. “2020 showed us all that it’s possible to rethink key parts of our business operations and come out stronger for it, and this carbon-neutral initiative is a great part of that,” said Chris Beaugrand, Chief Operations Officer for NGS Global Americas.

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