New Frontier Search Company Partner To Create Action Painting Live At TEDxNaperville

Barrington, Illinois, Oct. 28, 2019 – Dr. Russ Riendeau, Senior Partner and Chief Behavioral Scientist, with New Frontier Search Company, a retained search practice in Barrington, Illinois, will be one of the featured presenters at TEDxNaperville November 9th.  Riendeau’s topic however, is not about the executive search business, but about in search of unlocking creativity, through the medium of abstract action painting. He will be creating a large size canvas art piece using action painting techniques that allow spontaneous elements of surroundings to influence color, shapes and perspectives on the canvas.

A long time artist/sculptor/cartoonist  and writer, Russ Riendeau’s breath of work over the years features a broad range of usable art and abstract pieces featuring the use of recycled and repurposed materials to create private and public installations. His role as the official “Disruptor” at TEDxNaperville 2014 and 2015 gave the audience ideas and  inspiration about alternative perspectives of the events that don’t always align with our rationale thoughts. A behavioral psychologist, Riendeau, continues to work full time in his search practice placing senior level professionals.

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