More Analytics Professionals Changing Jobs, Tenure Decreasing

EVANSTON, IL, January 30, 2017 — Burtch Works Executive Recruiting recently published new research showing that more analytics and data science professionals changed jobs during 2016, compared to prior years. The analysis showed that 22.1% of quantitative experts changed companies last year, up two percentage points from 2015’s 20.1%, and up 3.5 points from 2014.

Coupled with the additional movement by professionals was a shorter average tenure. The analysis of 2016 data showed that the average length of stay in an analytics job is now only 2.0 years, down from 2.6 years in 2015.

Why might this be? Burtch Works posited that, in addition to more experts taking advantage of the hot market, more early-career professionals are pursuing quantitative careers, and those early on in their professional lives tend to change companies more frequently than seasoned professionals. For further details on the firm’s analysis, visit their full-length blog post.

About Burtch Works

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Katie Prezas
Director of Research and Operations

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