Kevin Chase Executive Search Group to Chief Program Officer Search for Point Foundation (Los Angeles)

July 22, 2021 — Kevin Chase Executive Search has been retained to lead the national search for Point Foundation’s new Chief Program Officer (CPO).

Point Foundation (Point) is the nation’s oldest and largest scholarship fund for LGBTQ+students of merit. In addition to tuition, housing, books, and other expenses, Point programs support LGBTQ+ student leaders with mentorship, leadership development opportunities, and a range of conferences and professional and networking interactions to advance their academic and professional pursuits.

The CPO is a newly created position at Point, reflecting the recent, significant growth of its scholarship and student support programs, and its commitment to continually improve program capacity and impact. In just the past few years, Point has added a Community College Scholar program a BIPOC Scholarship initiative, and a portfolio of Opportunity Grants for promising LGBTQ student leaders to its flagship Point Scholar program. The net effective of this impressive expansion is that the organization is supporting 364 students in the current school year; more than triple the number just five years ago.

“I had the great privilege of serving on Point Foundation’s Board for many years, so I’veseen the incredible work they do – and the truly extraordinary LGBTQ+ students for whom they do it – firsthand. It’s nothing short of inspiring,” said Managing Director Kevin Chase. “And so much of the expanded programming is still quite new – this is a position that could bring enormous impact to Point and its student scholars.”

Given the rapid growth in Point’s scholarship and program offerings, the opportunitiesfor impact, innovation, and leadership for an experienced new CPO are unique an significant. As a member of the senior leadership team, the CPO will be responsible for leading program assessment, innovation, and delivery, and for elevating the effectiveness and sustainability of all programs.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced leader of teams and programs with practical experience working with students in (or headed to) colleges, universities, orcommunity colleges. They will also share the identities and lived experiences of Point’sexceptional LGB, trans/ nonbinary, and/or BIOPC scholars. They will most likely come from higher education, scholarship, or nonprofit environments, and will have strong knowledge of issues impacting LGBTQ+, first generation, and/or BIPOC students.

Regardless of professional background, all candidates must demonstrate a strong, intersectional understanding of gender, sexual, racial, socioeconomic, and LGBTQ+ identities. Recommendations, referrals, and expressions of interest — as well as requests for additional information – are welcomed at

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