Jana Attaway-Swenke, Kaye/Bassman Managing Director, Featured in BioSpace

Plano, TX | 8/18/2023

According to numbers released over the weekend, unemployment remains as low as it’s been in half a century, at 3.5%. For workers with at least a bachelor’s degree, the picture is even rosier, with a rate of just 2.0%.

Jana Swenke, who leads pharmaceutical and biotechnology recruiting at Kaye/Bassman, was more blunt: “If you’re not doing remote or hybrid, you’re not in the game,” she said of employers.

That expectation is in sharp contrast to before the pandemic, when, Swenke estimated, only about 15% of companies in the sector offered hybrid working arrangements. And with biopharma offices concentrated in urban hubs such as Boston, San Francisco, San Diego and the Research Triangle, “the commutes are horrible,” she told BioSpace. “So it does create a better life balance if you can work from home.”

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