Issue One Appoints Three Board Directors

(May 2021) Bridge Partners is pleased to announce the appointment of three new Board Directors to Issue One ( These executives join Issue One’s growing board and a mission to unite leaders and key voices from across the political spectrum to usher in an era of comprehensive democracy reform.

Emil Hill comes to Issue One with 20 years of experience supporting some of the nation’s largest organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to civil and human rights organizations. He currently manages a diverse portfolio of high- level clients as Executive Vice President of Public Affairs at Powell Tate. Hill has served as a guest lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, the University of Southern California School of Business, and Morehouse College.

Miti Sathe is an expert executive with decades of experience working in and around politics, managing electoral and business campaigns, and leading diversity initiatives. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Square One, a non-profit that recruits and supports young, diverse, progressive Congressional candidates. Sathe previously served as Director of the Office of Public Engagement under President Obama and worked on his presidential campaign as Deputy Marketing Director.

Patrick Toussainthas over a decade of experience leading teams and developing strategic solutions for global corporations. Currently serving as Executive Director of HR Strategy at JPMorgan Chase, Toussaint previously worked at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. Having served on multiple state boards for policy research institutes, Toussaint has extensive experience in cultivating talented, effective, and diverse leadership. He is also Co-Founder of the Hudson County Progressive Alliance.

• For a CEO or Board Chair, the opportunity to build a Board of Directors that works well together – and has the balance of skills and experiences to discuss, debate, innovate, guide and deliver on the organization’s strategic plan – is undeniably compelling. It is also a formidable challenge.

• Ensuring that the Board consists of leaders that reflect the diversity of the constituents/communities that the organization serves, as well as contributing their expertise to the organization in a meaningful way, can be even more challenging.

• In order to attract and recruit diverse board candidates at a global and local level, a board needs to be purposeful and reach beyond their own network and the traditional recruiting channels. The goal of our nonprofit Board Director Search service is not only to support the Board and CEO in identifying new Board Directors but also to create a process and pipeline that the Nominating/Governance Committee can “own” in the long term.

• We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any Board development opportunities you might foresee at your organization.


• Bridge Partners ( is a retained executive search firm with 15 years of
experience attracting and retaining senior, diverse executives for global leadership positions.

• We have both an international and national nonprofit practice (clients include Accion, Vital Strategies, Democracy Works, Wikimedia Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts and Johns Hopkins University) and a global for-profit practice (clients include GE, Starbucks, McKesson, Choice Hotels, Estee Lauder and Freddie Mac).

• What pulls our two practices together under Bridge Partners is a focus on diversity-inclusion in all its forms – supporting our clients in their efforts to attract the very best leadership team and leverage the most diverse range of experiences and backgrounds.

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