IRC C-Suite Summit in London on “FutureReady Leaders”

LONDON, U.K., April 15, 2019 – The third in the series of IRC discussions themed “Transforming the Leaders: To Be FutureReady” was concluded on April 1 st , 2019 at The May Fair Hotel, London.

IRC partners representing 24 countries of the EMEA region invited C-suite executives from industries including financial services, banking, technology, agribusiness and agriscience. Almost 50 participants took part in a roundtable discussion that explored how leadership thinking and behavior needs to change for the future. A keynote address themed “Transforming Leadership Through Disruptive Times” delivered by David Haley, Senior Vice President of Atos, commenced the event.

After David’s speech, participants discussed the main topic of the conference; organizational readiness to navigate through the future and how should current leaders transform to become future-ready.

Also in 2019, the IRC Institute a global thought leadership platform that explores intercultural management in the era of disruption, organized a series of thought leadership. Apart from London, the discussions also took place in New Delhi for the APAC region and in San Francisco for the Americas.

Richard Boot, Chairman, IRC UK: “It was good to see our EMEA colleagues in London and to host the 2019 conference with a large number of guests joining us too. An interesting if not bewildering time in the UK and a thought-provoking agenda and I hope some different venues provided an important distraction.”

Tomasz Sokolowski, IRC EMEA Regional Leader, adds: “It was an intellectual pleasure that I took part in the exchange of experiences and thoughts on leadership transformation during IRC EMEA conference in London. Despite differences in industries and countries, both external speakers and IRC members presented inspiring trends influencing new requirements for leaders in the future.”

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