Witt/Kieffer's Intercollegiate Athletics practice recruits truly exceptional athletic directors and other sports administrators through a client-centric, communicative process. We get to know key stakeholders at each partner institution, working with and for them based on a timeline that is aggressive yet sources unique and intriguing candidates. And we work with the utmost integrity and respect for the individuals involved, their time, and their reputations. Our clients include top-ranked colleges and universities across Divisions I, II and III, as well as affiliated athletics and alumni foundations. We push clients to think creatively about their leadership needs in athletics and which candidates would excel in addressing them. Given the broad influence that collegiate athletics leaders have today, we seek candidates whose personal and professional missions are aligned with the strategic and educational missions of their campuses. These executives must be adept at building bonds with the institution's president and across departments, creating consensus for change, promoting fundraising and development of revenue sources, and ensuring the success and support of student-athletes.