Consumer Services

Direct Recruiters has been recognized as the relationship-focused search firm that assists Consumer & Professional Technologies organizations with recruiting, acquiring and retaining high-impact talent for mission-critical positions. We have been a trusted partner for some of the most progressive companies in the industry.  

The growth of the Consumer & Professional Technologies Industry can be attributed to many factors such as the increasing demands of consumers for convenience, comfort, entertainment, safety, and energy savings.  To meet these needs, large number of manufacturers are updating and expanding their product portfolios.

By 2020, more than 34 billion internet-connected devices will be installed globally - that's more than 4 devices for every human on earth.  This IoT explosion will change our homes, transportation, work, and even our cities.

The DRI Consumer & Professional Technologies team is led by, Leo Golubitsky, a Senior Recruiter, who spent 20 years in the Consumer Technology Industry, and has a uniquely thorough understanding of the industry and current job market.