Avrio AI uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to gain a comprehensive understanding of a job’s requirements and combs through candidate databases to evaluate fit. Using the power of data, Avrio is capable of evaluating talent at scale and dramatically reducing the time recruiter’s spend qualifying candidates.

Avrio leverages a variety of techniques; pattern matching, factor models, string matches and deep learning to identify candidate and job concepts within job ads and resumes. Using these two data types, we create a foundational understanding of what’s needed to execute the job and what each candidate can offer.

Avrio AI takes the fit analysis a step further by passing all the extracted data points through our knowledge layer to understand relationships between skills, experiences, education, etc. The knowledge layer acts like a super recruiter that has experience across every domain and has a holistic understanding of everything in the jobs universe.

Lastly, our platform uses a chatbot, called Rio, to extract or clarify any missing requirements from qualified candidates. Any relevant information gathered between the chatbot and candidate conversation is resolved back to the same central Knowledge Graph. Avrio learns from each screening, which improves our ability to have human like conversations and to optimize our candidate Fitscore. Avrio AI is your solution to candidate qualifying.


Avrio AI Names Richard Mallah as Head of Artificial Intelligence

BOSTON, MA, October 10, 2017 – Avrio AI, Inc. is thrilled to announce that Richard Mallah has joined our team as Head of Artificial Intelligence. Richard adds over 17 years of experience building groundbreaking intelligent software. His proven ability to transform businesses through the implementation of machine learning, deep learning, advanced analytics, knowledge representation, and computational linguistics makes him