Avrio AI Names Richard Mallah as Head of Artificial Intelligence

BOSTON, MA, October 10, 2017 – Avrio AI, Inc. is thrilled to announce that Richard Mallah has joined our team as Head of Artificial Intelligence. Richard adds over 17 years of experience building groundbreaking intelligent software. His proven ability to transform businesses through the implementation of machine learning, deep learning, advanced analytics, knowledge representation, and computational linguistics makes him a perfect fit for Avrio AI.

Richard’s previous roles at Cambridge Semantics and Zoom Information, among others, uniquely positions him to solve the complex challenges of AI in the recruiting domain. His involvement at the core of the Future of Life Institute has lent an appreciation of employment issues related to AI, as well as breadth and depth on the cutting edge of AI robustness. Richard’s expertise in inventing, architecting, and optimizing AI solutions, building novel algorithms, and leading highly productive AI R&D teams make him a perfect fit for Avrio AI. Richard is already working closely with Avrio AI’s Head of Engineering Srinath Narasimhan and Head of Product, Todd Buffum, to introduce novel machine learning approaches to a set of complex, interdependent problems and to deliver seminal AI approaches for our community.

“Our global community of customers and partners in the recruiting domain will gain tremendously from this addition to the Avrio team. Customers look to companies like ours to deliver novel solutions to difficult problems that persist in our industry,” said Nachi Junankar, CEO of Avrio AI Inc. “Richard and his team of AI professionals will be at the forefront of creating these solutions. One of the things we really appreciate about Richard is that, in addition to his intellect, he cares greatly about the deeply complex ethical issues that AI raises for all humans, and like the rest of our team, is focussed on delivering AI solutions that support human activities, even as AI changes them.”

For our customers, we expect Richard’s skill set will advance our ability to match the right candidate for the right job, recognize career patterns, deeply learn the meaning of skills, automatically reason about ambiguities, dynamically grow our ontologies, and generally automate away the tedious first discussions with candidates. We’ll continue to keep our community of customers and partners apprised of forthcoming advances and look forward to making the candidate qualifying process increasingly accurate and efficient.

We hope you are as excited as we are to unleash a world-class AI luminary such as Richard on the recruiting domain. We are confident that the addition of Richard will be a transformative moment in Avrio AI’s trajectory as we look forward to our shared successes.

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Avrio AI uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to gain a comprehensive understanding of a job’s requirements and combs through candidate databases to evaluate fit. Using the power of data, Avrio is capable of evaluating talent at scale and dramatically reducing the time recruiter’s spend qualifying candidates.

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