IMD International Search Group Partners Meet in Vienna, Austria

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, June 1st, 2018 – IMD International Search Group Partners gathered on May 3-5, 2018 in Vienna, Austria for their Annual General Assembly.

The busy agenda for this meeting focused on:
▪ Sharing business ideas through interactive networking sessions and best practices,
▪ Working together on solving case studies with concrete situations in difficult international searches,
▪ Developing knowledge on a topic that was voted by the members: Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our business. Dr. Philipp Gerbert, Senior Partner & Managing Director Munich, The Boston Consulting Group, delivered an amazing learning session and explained to IMD members what AI is in technical terms, the new industrial revolution that is breaking through, and what it all means for company structures, production, the essence of work, management, recruitment and consequently executive search. The good news being that executive search, as a very holistic process, is difficult for an AI to learn. AI may help with some tasks but will not replace us humans!

Elections were called to renew 4 mandates of Board members: Dr. Matthias MOHR, President; Dr.Peter SUTTER, VP, Finance & Legal Affairs; Anita OTTERHEIM HJALMARSSON, Director, Standards, Execution, Quality, Best practices, Leadership consulting; Rodolfo SOMMER, Director, Onboarding, Membership acquisition in South America; And to elect a new Board member, Jose Ruiz, Director, Marketing, External communications.

Last but not least, present members warmly cheered the winners of our two Member of the Year Awards: GMPTALENT International, IMD China, receiving the Award for Business Excellence for their outstanding participation in the organization’s activities, and Dr. Heimeier & Partner, IMD Germany, for having generated the highest fees in interbusiness.

About IMD International Search Group

Founded in 1972, IMD International Search Group,, is a Top-20 global search organization with offices in major markets and business centers throughout the world, providing instant access to a world-class executive talent pool serving the global economy. Providing instant access to a world-class executive talent pool serving the global economy, IMD specializes in placing top-tier executives throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, and specializes notably in the following industry sectors: consumer, financial and professional services, industrial and manufacturing, life sciences, technology-communications-media (TCM), education-government-not for profit as well as leadership consulting services.

IMD International Search Group was again nominated by Hunt Scanlon in the Top 25 worldwide ranking of global executive search organizations – See ranking HERE

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