IMD International Search Group Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Zurich, Switzerland (June 10, 2022) – IMD is celebrating its 50th year of existence and its members were particularly happy to reunite in Barcelona last April for their Annual General Meeting, after two and a half years of not seeing each other physically due to the pandemic of covid-19.

The original “IMD” was founded in 1972, initially as a network of market research consulting firms. It operated a transition to general business consulting, with two branches: Management consulting and Recruitment.

In 1998 the association took the name of IMD International Search and Consulting Network, before the management consulting branch dissolved a few years later. This period was active in focusing on executive search and consolidate the structure of the association and development of membership.

“IMD International Search Group” was ultimately the name chosen in 2008 to express better our global expertise in direct search.

We are proud to have retained many members for decades now, for instance Dr. Heimeier & Partner (member since 1989), Telkes Consulting (1997), Sirca Executive Search (1998), IMS Talent (2001), Lisberg (2002), Panamera (2003), Schilling Partners (2004), Executive Network (2005)… This stability allowed us to build trustful relationships, to the benefit of our clients. It also helped attract new members during the last decade, expanding our geographical coverage to the Americas and Asia: Australia and New Zealand (Fisher Leadership), Brazil (Osser & Osser), Chile (SommerGroup), China (GMPTalent International), USA (Alder Koten, Onstott Group)…

Together, we celebrated anniversaries, went through several economic crisis, then through a global pandemic, always adapting to the market context, new IT tools and search methods. Now heading to the next 50 years!

Founded in 1972, IMD International Search Group,, is a top 40 global search organization (Hunt Scanlon rankings 2022) with executive search partners worldwide. The group is a close- knit global alliance of boutique search firms serving clients with global reach and local knowledge.

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