Global Executive Search Firm Predicts The Top Tech Trends for 2018

LONDON, UK, January 9, 2018 – Paul Marks, Partner at Miramar Global Executive Search, has given his opinion on how global organisations should prepare for the the top tech trends of 2018.

Miramar Global Executive Search Consultants LLC is a leading global executive search firm with offices in London and Philadelphia. The group works globally and specialises in the Industrial, TMT and Life Sciences sectors for both corporate clients and PE-back growth businesses.

Paul Marks is a Partner at Miramar Global and leads the Technology Practice in EMEA and North America, working extensively with companies going through change and transformation to build high performing leadership teams. In the firms’ latest article, they discuss the evolution of technology within the business world and predict the top trends for 2018.

Paul Marks has commented:

“Preparing for a digital future is no easy task. The rapid pace of change will result in business model disruptions that will have a profound impact on the employment landscape over the coming years leading to a continuous need for new skills and ideas. Business leaders will need to develop agile and innovative environments to stay ahead of the disruption caused by this revolution. Business leaders need a strong people agenda in place now!

Organisations must overhaul their traditional structure and shifting away from hierarchical, functional business models toward cross-functional networks of teams to become more agile, collaborative and customer-focused. It is a must to recruit business leaders capable of building teams that are comfortable with short delivery cycles and are able to operate across silos and within cross-functional teams.”

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About Miramar Global Executive Search Consultants: As an international executive search and leadership development firm, Miramar work with public, private and private equity owned companies in TMTIndustrials and Life Sciences to advise on attracting, building and developing high performance in the workplace.

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