Get Ready to Battle When Hiring Customer Success Talent Because it is a Red-Hot Hiring Market

Hiring Customer Success talent? Get ready to battle because it is a red-hot hiring market. Customer Success is a much buzzed about methodology that works at the intersection of customer experience and customer outcomes. Originally used as defense to reduce customer churn, customer success has proven itself to be an amazing growth engine when it comes to customer retention and expanding opportunities for upsell. Anna McCormick Kelch, Co-CEO at LPA Search Partners and head of the firm’s technology practice noted that Customer Success was “once very SaaS-centric, but this evolving operating model is gaining traction in EdTech and other subscription businesses.”

LPA Search Partners works extensively with SaaS and EdTech clients and know this market well. Just last month, LPA placed Amita Gudipati (previously with global logistics provider DB Schenker and PowerSchool, a cloud-based software company in K-12 education) as VP, Customer Success for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a critical hire for the global education company as they make a strategic move to recurring revenue in support of their rapidly growing subscription business. “The most innovative and agile EdTech companies are developing strong customer success strategies and functional areas signaling a productive focus on the entire customer lifecycle,” commented Willa Perlman, Co-CEO and head of LPA’s education practice.

Willa pointed out that “experienced executive leadership for this discipline is hard to find in EdTech which is trailing behind other market verticals in adopting this model.” Because SaaS has had a head-start in regards to Customer Success, Willa and Anna partner on searches to bring their expertise from various industries together to identify and recruit exceptional talent that can bring additive skills to new companies and sectors.

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