Blaine Nelson Interviewed for D CEO Face of Executive Search Firms

(June 2020) When Blaine Nelson retired after 38 years in public accounting, he looked forward to some R&R.

“Then I got bored,” Nelson says. “I wanted to be relevant and make a difference.” That’s when Nelson formed his executive search firm, BLNelson Group LLC. Says Nelson, “Companies need exceptional and transformative talent to succeed. High performers are open to companies where they can excel and be creative. We bring these two together. Innovation, performance, and reliability are the foundation of my business and the promise to my clients.”

Nelson is often quoted for saying, “People are not your greatest asset; the right people are!”

BLNelson Group developed a system of proprietary algorithms to find ideal candidates.

“My entire career was largely finding, developing, and nurturing exceptional talent,” he says. “I now apply these skills, along with the professionalism of a Deloitte partner, to our clients and candidates.”

Nelson’s most famous recruitment, Jaap van Zweden, former DSO conductor, is now the conductor for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

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