Eric Pringle Appointed as Practice Leader Industrial for Kennedy Executive Search

(March 24, 2021) Kennedy Executive Search, the global network of privately-owned executive search boutiques, announces the appointment of Eric Pringle as Practice Leader for the Industrial segment. In this role, he will structure Kennedy’s collective experience and services in recruitment for leadership roles in the rapidly changing sector across the Americas and Europe. Eric Pringle is the Founder and Managing Partner of Integrated People Solutions / Kennedy Executive Search Denver.

In the last several years, the Industrial Sector has gone through some dynamic changes.  Complex global supply chains, the shift of labor overseas, big data, automation, and robotics have really changed the landscape in the sector. In turn, this has shifted recruitment needs considerably. The qualifications that were previously required are now subordinate to a new set of skills and expertise to match the Industrial Sector of the future.

The Industrial Practice Team of Kennedy Executive brings a wealth of experience and industry insights to the table. Across the network, there are people that have worked in various subcategories of the sector, from small to large, global players. These include, but are not limited to, automotive, heavy equipment, food, durables, and even aerospace and agribusiness. Furthermore, between the partners and their teams, there is an abundance of functional knowledge and expertise in operations, supply chain management, engineering, and support.

Eric Pringle: “We have worked with some of the most cutting-edge clients in the industry with respect to modernization and efficiency, so we can add tremendous value to those firms trying to drive transformation. Being able to adapt to change has never been so important. When we look at the sector in the context of COVID-19, we are seeing some businesses thriving while others are shut down depending on what they make and how fast they can adapt. We have seen automotive parts plants be converted to meet the increased need for ventilators, which is just one example. There are many smart, creative, flexible, and adaptable people in this sector who can really solve for any challenge”.  

To support our clients in finding this talent in these tumultuous times, we go well beyond their areas to identify the top talent who will generate new ideas as well as bring, adopt, and adapt them from other sectors. Just to provide a few examples:  Today, industrial companies are looking to bring in C-level executives with proven experience leading digital transformations; Heads of R&D knowledgeable about the application of Agile project management methodologies -which originated in software development-, and VPs of the Supply Chain who understand what it will take to operate in a de-globalized world with new, taller, more complex tariff and non-tariff barriers between countries”.

Not only does the Kennedy network offer relevant expertise in all industrial market segments, but also the ability to help companies in various states of business- and organizational evolution in international markets. Pringle: “Even the largest company can feel like a startup in some stages of their lifecycle. When doing business far from their home market for instance. As a global network, we understand the complexities of multinational operations but can combine this with in-depth local knowledge and know-how of regulations, culture, practices, and available talent. Kennedy Executive delivers value through simplicity and trust. For the corporate team, one Kennedy partner becomes their top contact and the sole steward of the quality of service delivered by the entire Kennedy Executive network. For the senior leaders responsible for business units and enabling functions, our local partners become trusted advisors and problem-solvers”.

Eric Pringle is a veteran in the world of talent management and recruitment. He holds an MBA from Duke University with a focus on Global Management and before that completed his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Iowa. After a successful career as a Human Resources leader at industry icons such as Wells Fargo, US WEST, and chemical and oil company Amoco, he started Integrated People Solutions / Kennedy Executive Search Denver.

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