EMA Partners International – Announces a New Office in Brazil

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, June 21, 2016 — EMA Partners welcomes its newest offices in São Paulo and Campinas, Brazil. Now an Associate Firm of EMA Partners International, Weplace was conceived as a result of the synthesis of experiences, beliefs and dreams of a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to create a different type of company. EMA Partners Brazil | Weplace promotes a fulfilling work environment, with search practitioners and professionals who have exceptional expertise, and are fully engaged in providing a range of services for a diverse portfolio of clients.

With the vision of building much more than a concept, EMA Partners Brazil | Weplace created a brand that influences, transforms and promotes the growth of individuals, as well as growth and productivity within local and global organizations. EMA Partners Brazil | Weplace’s foremost objective is to encourage people and businesses to meet and unite locally, and help to create value for regional, national and international companies.

This way of working sets EMA Partners Brazil | Weplace apart, and they continue to build long lasting relationships, and provide consistent and impressive results. They believe each client is unique and special. They understand that quality goes beyond the process. It is in the relationship, in the communication, in the availability, in the form and in the manner. Transparency, respect and integrity inform their actions and they have well-established relationships with clients, and with the executives who trust them with their careers.

Jean Raymond, Regional Chairman for the Americas said, “I am very proud to have in our ranks such a dedicated team. I have witnessed firsthand how Aline’s team establishes solid partnerships with their clients and the respect they have towards candidates. I have no doubt that we have a strong and strategic partner in Brazil.”

About EMA Partners International

Since 1988, EMA Partners International has built an global partnership of executive search professionals, and is currently one of the largest executive search firms in the world. With more than 40 offices on six continents they are dedicated to satisfying the senior executive search and talent management needs of their clients.

Aline Zimermann
EMA Partners Brazil | WePlace

Jean Raymond
Regional Chairman, Americas
EMA Partners International

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