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Rialto Recruitment, is the new name of our Executive Search | Recruitment and selection office, specialized in the search for higher educated technical (Bachelors, Industrial and Civil Engineers, Scientists and PhD students), but also commercial, management and CxO profiles (including searching for members for advisory boards or boards of directors).

Created in 2001 as Atlantae Executive Search, and since the acquisition of Egeminplus in 2016, we profile ourselves under this new name. Symbolically referring to one of the most famous bridges in the world, Rialto forms the foundation of our name, also beautifully presented in our logo.

We fulfill a bridging function between our customers and our applicants.
In addition, we also like to form the bridge to a further step on the career ladder of our candidates.

No bridge is too far for us to form the right match between client and applicant. We ensure the connection between all stakeholders.

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We are proud to introduce ourselves to you. Do not hesitate to contact anyone, we are happy to help you with personal advice.

Our mission, which translates into our logo, the “Rialto bridge”, symbolizes the “connecting” aspect between client and candidate, and we also form the bridge as a stepping stone to the next step in the career of our candidates. Our clients help in the search for top employees, and giving our candidates the dream job of their lives is what we do it for.

Solutions And Expertise

Rialto Recruitment is a specialized recruitment and selection agency for engineers and technical profiles (technical, commercial and management positions).

We are active in various sectors such as life sciences, construction, pharmaceuticals, automation, automotive, chemicals, electronics, food, OEM and machine building.

News Briefings

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In times of change, a crucial executive-level appointment can mean the difference between success and catastrophe. Last time, your company may have kept this critical search in-house, leveraged its own network or hired a contingency recruiter. But, mistakes were made, and you now know that a bad hire to a crucial position can have detrimental

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Rialto Recruitment to Add New Office, Eyes Further Expansion

Rialto Recruitment | Atlantae Executive Search, a technical and scientific focused search firm based in Niel, Belgium, is continuing to expand. The firm recently announced plans to open a third branch in either East Flanders or West Flanders by this summer. It is expecting further growth by the end of the year. The firm recently

Rialto Recruitment Opens New Office
Rialto Recruitment New Office

Rialto Recruitment | Atlantae Executive Search, a technical and scientific focused search firm based in Niel, Belgium, has opened a second office in the Belgian city of Genk. In addition, Rialto has obtained the new Federgon RSS quality label. Rialto Recruitment originated as Atlantae 17 years ago, followed by its merger in 2012 with Egeminplus. “With

Press Releases

Rialto Recruitment From Niel Expands to Genk, Belgium

NIEL, BELGIUM, February 13, 2018 – Recently Rialto Recruitment, located in the UA Science Park Waterfront and specialized in technical and scientific profiles, opened a second office in the C-Mine Crib Incubator in Genk. In addition, Rialto obtained the new FEDERGON RSS quality label. Rialto Recruitment originated from Atlantae 17 years ago and the merger



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