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Business Talent Group (BTG), a Heidrick & Struggles company, is the leading talent marketplace that connects independent management consultants, subject matter experts, project managers, and interim executives with the world’s best companies.

BTG provides just the right on-demand talent needed: remote or on-site, part-time or full-time, individuals or teams, all around the world. That’s why more than 50% of the F100 and hundreds of other leading companies trust BTG to curate, vet, and compliantly deliver talent who fuel growth, innovation, and performance improvement.


Whether you want to place an interim leader, flex your team, or access consultants and experts with in-demand skills or expertise, Business Talent Group delivers top business minds with experience in the industries, functions, and capabilities you need. Meet your agile workforce.

Interim Executives and Leaders

Source seasoned leaders who can seamlessly bridge critical leadership gaps, address specific challenges, and provide strategic guidance and hands-on execution during periods of transition, crisis, or opportunity. We specialize in interim CEO, CFO, CHRO, COO, CIO, CTO, CISO, and CMO placements.

Independent Consultants and Experts

Utilize a flexible talent model and access independent professionals to scale teams up or down as needed. Bring in niche knowledge, add a complementary skillset, provide additional capacity for a project—or all of the above. Engage experienced management consultants with classic big firm training, boutique firms with pre-built teams, and subject matter experts to provide deep insight and analyses, assess emerging opportunities, and develop strategies that drive growth and innovation.


Business Talent Group was founded in 2007 with the mission of bringing the best on-demand talent to the most important projects to enhance business performance and improve people’s lives, and is recognized as a consulting disruptor and workplace innovator.

Heidrick & Struggles acquired BTG in 2021 to become the first global leadership advisory firm offering the full spectrum of executive and high-end talent solutions—from on-demand independent professionals to interim executives to permanent placements—together with its consulting services.




As former management consultants and executives, we understand the needs of major corporations and independent consultants. Those experiences inform everything we do to unite and support our talent and clients on their most important work.

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Solutions And Expertise


As leaders and organizations increasingly focus on the need for speed, agility, flexibility, and innovation, companies are turning to independent professionals to fill critical skill, expertise, and leadership gaps for a range of specialized mission-critical projects.

Business Talent Group, acquired by Heidrick and Struggles in 2021, provides clients seamless access to an on-demand marketplace of top independent talent, including professionals with deep industry and functional expertise for interim leadership roles and critical, project-based initiatives, such as performing a market assessment, development of an eCommerce strategy, standing up a global supply chain, or placing an interim CHRO to prepare for an IPO.




  • Advisory Services
  • Culture Shaping
  • Data Analy./Mrkt. Intell.
  • Interim
  • Interim Resources
  • Interim Staff and Consultants
  • Interim Staffing
  • Mgmt. Consulting
  • On-Demand Recruiting
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Consumer
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial
  • Life Sci./Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Business Development
  • CEO/President
  • Data/Analytics
  • General Management
  • GM/Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Information/Digital
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Medical/Clinical
  • Research & Develop.
  • Supply Chain

News Briefings

How to Get Ahead in the Hiring Waiting Game

When teams are stretched thin and leadership vacancies slow momentum, it’s easy to get bogged down. But you can keep advancing the ball down the field—and doing more with less—by harnessing the speed and flexibility of on-demand talent, according to a report from by Kelsey O’Neal, an executive director with Business Talent Group (BTG), a Heidrick & Struggles company. “Innovative

The Demand for Interim CFOs Soars

Leading organizations are recognizing the value of integrating highly skilled on-demand talent—independent consultants, executives, project managers, and subject matter experts—into their workforce. With 72.1 million American workers (43 percent of the U.S. labor force) and countless other professionals worldwide choosing to work independently on a project-by-project basis or in interim leadership engagements, companies that rely

How Companies are Using Interim CFOs

In recent years, the role and responsibilities of CFOs have grown greatly beyond their historical boundaries. No longer seen simply as stewards of the company’s financial management, compliance, and reporting, a Raconteur report recently noted that CFOs today are taking an increasingly prominent role as key strategic partners to the CEO, tapping vast troves of data

A Look at How to Retain Top Leaders

Today’s independent senior executives have plenty of choice when it comes to selecting their work. In fact, in competitive, cutting-edge fields like innovation, data science, and supply chain strategy, competition for top independent talent is as fierce as it is for full-time hires, according to a recent Business Talent Group (BTG) report. Meanwhile, top professionals

Press Releases

Amid Uncertain Economy, Finance Expertise Tops the List of Most In-Demand Skills for 2023

LOS ANGELES, August 9, 2023 — Business Talent Group (BTG), a Heidrick & Struggles (Nasdaq: HSII) company and the leading talent marketplace for independent management consultants, interim executives, subject matter experts, and project managers, today released its sixth annual Skills Index, revealing the most in-demand and fastest growing skills leveraged by global companies to seize growth opportunities amid ongoing

New Data Reveals In-Demand Talent Seeking Professional Control Amid Tight Labor Market, Great Resignation

(Feb. 10, 2022) A new report from Business Talent Group (BTG)—the leading talent platform for independent management consultants, subject matter experts, project managers, and interim executives, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidrick & Struggles (Nasdaq: HSII)—reveals the results of the most comprehensive study of workers at the top end of the on-demand talent economy. BTG’s 2022

Business Talent Group Research Spotlights Most In-Demand Skills Fueling the Post-Pandemic Economy

(July 27, 2021) Business Talent Group (BTG), the leading marketplace for high-end independent talent, today released its fourth annual index chronicling the most sought-after independent talent skills leveraged by global companies to address their most critical projects in the current K-shaped economic recovery. Demand for high-caliber independent skills has skyrocketed in a tight labor market

Heidrick & Struggles Accelerates the Future of Work by Acquiring Business Talent Group

(April 6, 2021) Heidrick & Struggles (Nasdaq: HSII) today announced it has closed the acquisition of Business Talent Group (BTG), a leading marketplace for high-end independent talent on demand. With this acquisition, Heidrick & Struggles becomes the first global leadership advisory firm to offer the full spectrum of executive and high-end talent solutions – from

BTG Releases 2021 High-End Independent Talent Report

(Feb. 17, 2021) Business Talent Group (BTG)—the leading marketplace for top independent consultants, interim executives, subject matter experts, and project managers—today released its fourth annual High-End Independent Talent Report, an analysis based on BTG’s proprietary data of how Fortune 1000 companies rely on independent workers to fill critical skill, expertise, and leadership gaps amid increasing



    With 95% of executives anticipating challenges with securing the optimal mix of skills, capacity, and expertise in the coming years, embracing the independent talent market is a strategic imperative for companies seeking to remain competitive and agile. See how leading organizations are leveraging on-demand talent in 2024.
  • The Essentials of Effective Organization Design
    In this episode of BTG Insights on Demand, BTG’s Rachel Halversen is joined by Herman Vantrappen, managing director of strategic advisory firm Akordeon and co-author of “The Organization Design Guide: A Pragmatic Framework for Thoughtful, Efficient and Successful Redesigns,” a comprehensive framework that enables executives and teams to have nuanced, in-depth and conclusive discussions about difficult organization design choices.
  • Is Liquid Talent the Key to Strategic Workforce Flexibility?
    In recent years, the way we approach work has undergone a remarkable transformation, reshaping the very fabric of organizational dynamics. The traditional norms of fixed, rigid, and siloed workforces have given way to a new paradigm—one defined by agility, adaptability, and flexibility.
  • The Art of Intelligent Automation
    In this episode of BTG Insights on Demand, Vivek Garg—an independent expert in intelligent automation and artificial intelligence—joins BTG’s Rachel Halversen to discuss the art of intelligent automation and how advances in artificial intelligence are helping top companies build and scale efficiency-boosting business solutions.
  • Leveraging On-Demand Expertise for Life Science Transformations
    In the dynamic life science industry, change is vital to maintaining competitive advantage—whether adapting to shifting market dynamics, technological advancements, regulatory requirements, patient needs, or all of the above.
  • High-End Independent Talent on Demand
    It’s no secret that your company’s ability to capture new opportunities depends on the resources that are available to go after them. And as companies face dynamic shifts in the global business landscape, a new level of agility is required to navigate uncertainty, steer transformative initiatives, address sudden gaps, and drive growth.
  • The Interim Executive Advantage
    In today’s rapidly evolving and uncertain business landscape, organizations often need experienced and capable leaders who can address critical challenges, guide strategic initiatives, and maintain stability during times of transition. This is where interim executives are crucial in leadership and organizational management.
  • Jumpstarting AI Initiatives with On-Demand Talent
    Seemingly overnight, generative AI—or artificial intelligence capable of generating media and data in response to user prompts—became a front-page story and the hottest topic for companies large and small across industries.
  • 2023 Skills Index
    In this annual examination of proprietary BTG data on thousands of projects by Fortune 1000 companies, private equity firms, and nonprofits, we reveal the most pressing priorities and independent talent skills needed during this time of recovery and growth.
  • 2023 High-End Independent Talent Report
    Read the 2023 High-End Independent Talent Report to learn when and how to engage an interim leader, different types of short-term executive roles, how to maximize the impact of such an engagement, and real success stories from the field.
  • The Rise of Independent Talent in the UK and EU
    The independent workforce in the UK and EU is growing quickly and becoming stronger than ever with high-end talent turning to fluid work with the desire for autonomy, flexibility, and control. We’ve seen those reasons and more reflected in the responses to our annual Talent Lens survey—the most comprehensive study of workers at the top end of the on-demand talent economy.
  • AI and Machine Learning: How Independent AI Experts Are Helping Companies Get Ahead of Disruption
    Seemingly overnight, generative AI became a front-page story and the hottest topic for companies large and small across industries. It’s no surprise that 75% of CEOs believe that organizations with the most advanced generative AI have a competitive advantage.
  • An Inside Look at Business Talent Group’s Typical Projects
    Whether you’re looking for strategic industry or functional knowledge, project execution, or interim C-suite leadership, BTG’s on-demand talent can fill your need seamlessly and on budget.




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