Daversa Partners Appoints Will Brewster to Managing Director

(June 16, 2022) Daversa Partners, the technology industry’s premier executive search firm that builds the leadership teams for growth and venture-backed companies, has announced today that Will Brewster has been named as the firm’s newest Managing Director, bringing nearly a decade of search experience to the firm’s leadership team.

Will joined Daversa Partners in 2013 and has successfully built the executive teams for some of the most disruptive technology companies in the world. Will’s principal focus is leading searches for Daversa’s fintech practice having made placements at fintech and Web3 companies such as Stash, Alloy, ConsenSys and Chainalysis. Will’s breadth of work includes clients that span from digital banking to payments, to blockchain and lending, to financial infrastructure and security. He has successfully completed 100+ searches throughout his career across Sales, Product, Marketing, Finance, and Operations at the VP and C-level for businesses ranging from the ideation phase to those with multi-billion-dollar valuations on the public markets from San Francisco to London.

Peter Baiocco, Partner at Daversa Partners, said, “It has been my pleasure to watch what Will has done during his tenure at Daversa. Years ago, we saw an opportunity to establish a fintech practice and Will raised his hand to help spearhead this initiative within the firm. Since then, our fintech practice has been our fastest growing category and today, Will is widely known within our ecosystem. I am very excited to see what Will and Daversa continue to build in this critical segment of the market.”

About Daversa Partners

Daversa Partners is technology’s premier executive search firm that builds the leadership teams for growth and venture-backed companies. Our global footprint spans 2 continents and eight offices, giving our high-performance teams visibility into the entirety of the market. We are dedicated to developing meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs, executives, and investors across consumer and enterprise businesses.

Extraordinary talent is hard to find and even harder to recruit. Focusing our searches on delivering Material Impact executives is what sets us apart, and is what makes Daversa the search partner of choice.

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