CyberSN Releases Job Building and Posting Service in Response to Cybersecurity Hiring Crisis

BOSTON, MA, February 20, 2018 – CyberSN Founder and CEO Deidre Diamond announced today the launch of JobBuilder, a recruiting product for cybersecurity that reduces the time it takes to fill positions. CyberSN’s JobBuilder and job posting service are now available for companies without the budget to engage staffing services, companies that want to empower their in-house recruiters and for companies who want to focus on talent retention.

JobBuilder has proven so effective that it takes CyberSN an average of just six weeks to fill cybersecurity positions. By comparison, independent research shows that cybersecurity positions remain open industry-wide for an average of six months before a company engages with an external recruiting firm.

CyberSN announces the release of JobBuilder, a recruiting product for cybersecurity that reduces the time it takes to fill positions. (CyberSN)

“The zero percent unemployment rate among cybersecurity professionals is not the reason companies can’t fill their cybersecurity jobs. The real problem is that these job seekers are passive, and they don’t understand job descriptions that aren’t created using common language, so they don’t respond to ads even though they read them,” says Diamond. A 2016 LinkedIn study found that 89% of employed professionals are open to speaking with recruiters.

“Clearly communicating cybersecurity job responsibilities, defined in CyberSN’s JobBuilder as projects and tasks, is the key success factor for recruiting and retaining talent. Passive job seekers will now apply to your ads, your recruiters will screen more efficiently, and you will get significantly more ad response because your jobs will be posted to the CyberSN channels. We want to empower the community,” said Diamond.

Dom Glavach, CyberSN CSO and Chief Security Strategist, has served in high-level cybersecurity positions at other organizations and helped create JobBuilder from the perspective of a hiring organization. “When cybersecurity professionals are searching for a position, knowing exactly what the responsibilities, projects and tasks are before accepting an interview is critical. Cybersecurity professionals do not have the ability to take interviews and leave the office easily. JobBuilder uses cybersecurity common language to eliminate generic, vague, ambiguous job descriptions, and lets people know instantly what they can expect to be doing each day, each week, each month. Using cybersecurity common language, we bridge the divide between job seekers, recruiters and hiring managers,” said Glavach.

“Companies are also using JobBuilder to reorganize their job descriptions and internal reviews. They see the value of using our common language job building product for performance reviews, training and retention plans,” said Diamond.

About CyberSN:
Founded in 2014, CyberSN specializes in permanent and contract staffing for cybersecurity, information security and security sales professionals. CyberSN has an international reach and a physical presence in Boston, MA, Stamford, CT, New Durham, NH, Pittsburgh, PA, Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA with partners around the globe. CyberSN dramatically decreases the frustration, time and cost associated with job searching and hiring for cybersecurity professionals. For more information, visit

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