CyberSN Releases Cyber Security Hiring Crisis Report: Examines Salaries, Time to Hire and the Need for Staffing Agencies

BOSTON, Oct. 18, 2017 – Cyber security research and staffing firm CyberSN has released a study highlighting challenges associated with cyber security hiring practices, including increased security risks associated with vacant cyber security positions. Conducted by Dr. Chenxi Wang, Founder of the Jane Bond Project, the study reveals findings including the following: internal organizational processes significantly lengthen the time to hire qualified cyber professionals, low compensation offers cause offer turndowns, and organizations do not engage appropriate recruiting channels to yield positive outcomes. These hiring challenges increase business risk and ultimately contribute to the data breaches that have become common place today. Speaking on the open positions, CyberSN Founder and CEO Deidre Diamond¬†says “the cybersecurity talent shortage is not an excuse for unfilled positions,” and believes poor hiring practices are causing unnecessary stress and productivity breakdown.

Surveying over 50 hiring organizations revealed that a lack of real-time cyber security salary data results in rejected offers and delayed hiring processes.

Other key findings include:

  • Cyber security positions remain open for an average of 6 months before the company engages with an external recruiting firm.
  • Hiring managers tend to use personal networks and social media rather than traditional HR recruiting channels.
  • Despite regular salary reviews and adjustments, companies still have a difficult time meeting cyber security industry demands.

“Poor talent retention rates are getting even worse because open positions mean teammates are overworked! By the time an open position is filled it’s too late; another person on the team is now leaving due to being overworked,” says Diamond. “This cycle continues over and over like a broken record; let’s stop this madness and apply the right resources to the job of finding cyber security talent.”

CyberSN will release a salary comparison tool in the future with the goal of empowering organizations and job seekers in the cyber security community by providing real-time, accurate salary data. In the meantime, CyberSN has the data to help organizations make offers that get accepted.

About CyberSN

CyberSN, founded in 2014, specializes in permanent and contract staffing for cyber security, information security and security sales professionals. With a national reach and physical presence in Boston, MA; Stamford, CT; New Durham, NH; Pittsburgh, PA; Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA. CyberSN dramatically decreases the frustration, time and cost associated with job searching and hiring for cyber security professionals. Our proprietary technology platform, utilized by our cyber staffing directors and partners, ensures CyberSN is able to rapidly connect qualified cybersecurity professionals and employers. This proprietary technology platform uses cyber security common language to create job descriptions and understands the job seeker’s actual experience. In short, CyberSN makes job searching and hiring simpler while creating higher retention rates. We offer engaged, contingency and retained placement services. For more information, visit

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