Conference Brings Together the Most Forward-Thinking Players in the Executive Search Industry

PARIS, November 17, 2016 — The Global Community for Leaders (TGCL) global conference starts today (November 17-18) in Paris. The event aims to bring together five of the most prominent and forward-thinking players within the Executive Search and Leadership Consultancy fields: Alderbrooke, Talengo, ALSpective, Dasein and Mangaard Partners.

The two-day conference will provide an opportunity for the member firms to come together and establish best practices for the industry whilst collectively working on a strategy on how best to deploy the offerings and expertise of each firm across businesses worldwide. The group will also explore innovative assessment techniques and promote the use of the latest technological advances from both an executive search and consultancy perspective.

Krista Walochik, Chairman of TGCL, commented:

“We formed TGCL as we all shared the same goal and priorities which is to ensure that we are helping clients to obtain the best value from executive search and leadership consultancies. This event will help us to further cement our proposition to the market place.”

Albert Hiribarrondo, CEO of ALSpective, commented:

“The Paris TGCL meeting is our inaugural meeting in which the five member firms come together to focus on breaking down the current walls of the consultancy industry. The innovative vision of the 2016 TGCL founders is clear, so this meeting is about making that vision come alive in all our member countries.”

Paul Cook, CEO of Alderbrooke, says:

“The aim of TGCL is to provide best practice within the industry from an executive search and consultancy perspective. We have all the fundamentals from culture, diversity, talent, hiring and mentorship and we need to now deploy market knowledge and expertise across the industry and on a global scale. This will allow us to create better outcomes for all TGCL clients.”

Each of the five member firms has been selected for their exceptionally innovative, independent nature, whilst they are also all specifically talent management based. This ensures that only the most appropriate firms have been chosen to join the community, safeguarding the collaborative and well-connected international network. Currently, the group’s reach spans 12 cities across four continents, providing a truly international, yet fully integrated executive search and consultancy solution.

About ALSpective

Founded in 2015, with a team of highly experienced partners, ALSpective helps CEOs and firms to Align their Leadership and their Strategy. For all Top Executives Committees or Boards, in any assignment, ALSpective develops new perspectives in a 3 dimensional unique approach: “to Care, to Dare, to Share”. ALSpective has offices in Paris, Geneva and Tunis. For further information visit

Lina Chaoui
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