CannabizTeam Leads the Cryptocurrency Charge in Cannabis

(April 19, 2021) CannabizTeam is celebrating 4/20, the cannabis industry’s unofficial holiday, with cryptocurrency this year. Tomorrow, the world’s largest cannabis-focused executive search and staffing firm will offer its monthly bonuses paid out to top performers on its staff in Bitcoin.

“In a lot of ways, cryptocurrency is quite similar to the cannabis industry – young, emerging and misunderstood,” said Liesl Bernard, CEO of CannabizTeam. “We’ve seen ahead-of-their time companies in more mainstream industries start offering cryptocurrency as a benefit to employees, and it’s time to bring this initiative to cannabis as the industry continues to adopt new technologies. I think our employees will benefit from this new incentive and appreciate the versatility that Bitcoin offers.”

Each month, CannabizTeam grants bonuses to top performers on its team of 35 employees. This month, for the first time, employees will have the option to collect their performance bonuses in the form of Bitcoin or dollars. The company places a high value on setting measurable goals for employees and recognizing achievements to keep motivation levels high.

Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and today more than 20 million Americans own some amount of bitcoin. A recent survey from Mizuho Securities shows that almost $40 billion of the latest round of stimulus checks was intended to be used to purchase Bitcoin. Millennials are largely driving the bitcoin economy with 18% of Americans aged 25 to 40 currently owning some form of cryptocurrency and over 40% planning to buy it in the next five years.

About CannabizTeam

CannabizTeam is the world’s largest cannabis-focused executive search and staffing firm providing services for the top cannabis, CBD and hemp businesses in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Founded in 2016 by internationally acclaimed executive recruiter Liesl Bernard, CannabizTeam identifies and delivers superior talent that possesses the drive, skills and cultural fit unique to each client and company role. Headquartered in San Diego, CannabizTeam now has offices in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Newark, Miami, Orlando and Santa Rosa. Through extensive global reach and unparalleled business relationships, CannabizTeam and its five staffing divisions (CT Executive Search, CannabizTeam Direct Hire, CannabizTemp, CT Board Placement and CT Outplacement Services) place over 1,000 candidates a year for clients. Sign up for the CannabizTeam newsletter to receive weekly updates on the top candidates in cannabis:

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