Bryan Gilpin has joined Care Everywhere as President and Chief Operating Officer

Care Everywhere is an innovative healthcare IT company focusing on medical device software and medical device connectivity software solutions. Care Everywhere delivers an Infusion Pump Gateway Server, which provides a comprehensive set of storage for the connected pumps/devices as well as integration capabilities with leading EMR and dispense solutions. Care Everywhere’s Infusion Pump Gateway software product has been deployed to more than 500 healthcare provider organizations, connecting thousands of devices to our monitoring platform. Care Everywhere’s Network Operation Center (NOC) monitors all connected medical devices and installed Gateway server instances to help hospitals know whats happening on the floor at all times. Zyno Medical is an IV infusion pump manufacturer. The ZynoFlo Integrated Infusion System redefines intelligent infusion technology by enabling the support and verification of the medication administration workflow from drug dispense to automatic data insertion into the electronic medical record.

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