Bassett & Bassett Executive Search Launched As Extension Of Bassett Business Group

DETROIT, April 20, 2016 — Bassett & Bassett Executive Search LLC has been launched with four-decades seasoned executive Victor A. Koppang as its President and CEO. The firm focuses on finding the right C-level leadership for organizations.

Bassett & Bassett Executive Search is a natural extension of 30-year-old Bassett & Bassett Communication Managers and Counselors, a global strategic communication management and marketing firm headquartered in Detroit. The firm recently announced its Asia Pacific office in Pune, India and Middle East office in Beirut, Lebanon.

Vic Koppang is a CEO’s seasoned CEO with decades of C-suite transformational leadership experience,” Bassett Business Group Chairman Leland K. Bassett said. “Vic knows that finding the right leadership is crucial and determines any organization’s survival and future growth. He’s been there. He’s done it. He knows what it takes to succeed.”

“The extended Bassett Business Group that I can draw on has nearly 300 years combined experience and C-level personal contacts in all business areas encompassing a global reach,” Koppang said.

“Our affiliation in the Bassett Business Group gives us the unique and added advantage of blending data-driven applied human communication sciences and psychology with nearly 300 years of combined practical experience in organizational development,” Koppang said. “We use human communication as an added tool to make C-level suites excel.”

Koppang is able to tap a 24-7, global, multi-cultural, multi-racial network found in the Bassett Communication firm. It is thought to be the only human communication professional services firm in the nation with Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim principals.

About Bassett & Bassett Executive Search

The firm focuses on finding the right C-suite leadership using its unparalleled contacts, global reach and deep expertise in transformational leadership as a retained executive search firm. It is part of the Bassett Business Group headquarter in Detroit with offices in Pune, India and Beirut, Lebanon. Info:

Leland Bassett

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