August 2021 Featured Placement: Erika Daley Director of Operational Sustainability | Rehrig Pacific Company

Erika Daley is a Rising Star in the field of sustainability supporting companies like Rehrig in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Upon receiving her BS and MS in Chemistry, Erika’s 11- year career includes demonstrated success in the sciences and environmental services industries, leading projects and teams spanning large organizations and business development in the sustainability space as a certified PMP. Erika takes a data-driven approach to the programs that she develops and executes and has received many awards including the 2020 Plastics News Rising Star Award and the 2018 International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories Go Beyond Award.

The Rehrig Team is thrilled to have Erika driving their Operational Sustainability Function. Erika is so excited for this next chapter in her career and to lead meaningful change with a value-driven organization.

Congratulations Erika on your new role at Rehrig Pacific!

Congratulations to Maureen Christiansen for identifying and bringing Erika to Rehrig Pacific!

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