Allen Austin Selects ENGAGE to Provide Powerful Analytics and Increase Speed of Hire

HOUSTON, TX, September 20, 2016 — Allen Austin announces that it has selected ENGAGE, the sourcing intelligence platform that combines big data and predictive analytics to identify potential targets, to increase overall business intelligence, sourcing efficiency, speed and accuracy, while delivering better results for clients.

For over twenty years, the partners of Allen Austin have been focused on how to “do it better”, whether that’s focusing on high performance cultures, ideal fit, engagement, value delivery or retention. With a constant effort in improving processes and building networks, the company decided to evaluate utilizing a productivity technology to improve speed, execution and growth predictability, particularly one with advancements in analytics.

“I’ve personally tried a number of great analytic tools, but our executive search and leadership advisory practices needed an application that specifically addressed certain variables that slightly differ from those of staffing, and ENGAGE absolutely nailed it for us,” said Paul Moran, Managing Partner of Allen Austin.

With access to nearly 100 million passive candidate profiles and eight million candidates identified as “likely to engage” on a weekly basis, ENGAGE eliminates the need for extended sourcing. The combination of research capabilities with analytics allows executive search consultants to actually gauge the search for predictive success before even officially launching the search. Since the Executive Search industry as a whole faces an average 130 Days Search Outstanding (DSO), the ability to shorten the process by days or even weeks provides a huge competitive advantage.

“Utilizing our proprietary Foresight™ process in combination with ENGAGE’s predictive analytics, we are potentially cutting our research and candidate development time by half,” said Rob Andrews, Chairman and CEO of Allen Austin. While ForesightTM has evolved over 22 years and is the most advanced, evidence based process of which we are aware, ensuring the best possible fit for our clients, these powerful analytics will enhance speed of execution and support our commitment of bringing our clients the best possible talent in the market, not just a suitable slate.

“We are thrilled to partner with Allen Austin, one of the fastest growing most innovative retained executive search and leadership consulting firms in the country,” said Joseph Hanna, CEO of JMM-ENGAGE. “The ability to engage with the right candidate at the right time is a huge advantage in a competitive industry.”

About Allen Austin

Allen Austin is a leading global management consulting firm specializing in retained executive search and leadership advisory, with more than thirty partners managing client engagements from offices in 13 cities in North America, Europe and Latin America.

Paul Moran
Managing Partner

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