Alioth Launches Organizational Culture Diagnostic Platform to Align Talent and Culture

Alioth’s Exploration platform harnesses employee knowledge to unlock and deliver actionable insights to help companies build and scale resilient workplace culture

Alioth, the new standard for building exceptional teams and culture, today announced the launch of Exploration, an organizational diagnostic platform that positions the world’s most innovative companies to reach their full potential by aligning talent with culture. The Exploration platform generates and applies AI to a unique dataset of quantitative and qualitative information to deliver actionable insights for leaders focused on building a robust organizational culture across a wide array of industries.

Alioth’s new platform builds upon their industry-leading executive search capabilities, now enabling companies to also unlock deep organizational and cultural insights. Exploration not only helps scale talent acquisition for robust growth and sustained competitive advantages, but also provides a standalone comprehensive solution for insights, highlighting both organizational strengths and nascent issues to reveal untapped potential and crucial blindspots.

“Our key insight for developing Exploration comes from the recognition that when new hires don’t work out, it almost always maps back to culture fit and misaligned expectations. Companies do not have reliable methods for understanding the distinct, and often hidden, cultural texture of their organizations and how it informs the attributes that will be most determinant of a new hire’s success,” said Alioth CEO and Co-founder Janet Stafford. “Exploration allows us to radically redefine the scope of services and value proposition of traditional executive search. We believe the search firm of tomorrow must bring a lot more value to the table with a holistic approach to the talent lifecycle that ensures better retention and places an emphasis on improved organizational performance and high-functioning culture.”

In today’s post-COVID world, hybrid business environments, culture, and talent are even more inextricably linked. 52% of workers say company values and culture were the top influence in accepting a job in the COVID-19 climate, yet a recent Gallup survey revealed that only 41% of U.S. employees strongly agree that they know what their company stands for, and only 27% strongly agree that they believe in their organization’s values. Likewise, companies with weaker culture experience 18% lower productivity, 16% lower profitability, 37% lower job growth, and 65% lower share price over time.

The Exploration platform helps realign culture and talent, allowing executive leadership and human resources teams to understand actual organizational culture. The platform uses a combination of AI and data science to synthesize complex, unstructured data for deeper meaning and correlations. More importantly, Alioth also provides actionable insights and recommendations to help shape and build a culture for high performance and resilience.

“If you want to have your finger on the pulse of your organization, Alioth Exploration is the best method,” said Kate Rushton, Director, Talent Acquisition & HRBP to Technical Operations & RI Manufacturing, Rubius Therapeutics. “It uncovers themes, sentiments, and insights that no other platform can uncover. It is vital for any HR team, and I find myself using the insights in every aspect of my job.”

The benefits of Alioth’s Exploration Platform include:

  • Actionable Insights: Deep contextual insights and concrete recommendations to help companies grow resilient workforces for what’s next.
  • Rapid Results: Fast deployment, analysis, and insights deliver results quickly so that organizations can move faster than the competition.
  • Predictable and Affordable: Flat fee pricing with no long-term contracts, subscriptions, upsells or hidden fees.
  • Objective Scorecards: Clear and agreed-upon objectives ensure alignment across hiring teams and the organization as a whole, reducing bias and simplifying processes.
  • Data-Driven, Human Powered: Dynamic data capture through open-ended qualitative and quantitative methods provides deeper context and meaning beyond surface-level statistics.
  • Holistic Cultural Analysis: Reduction in information silos through uncovering and distilling insights from all levels of the organization.
  • Industry-Leading Engagement and Completion Rates: Robust analysis and insights built upon the highest levels of employee engagement across all types of organizations.
  • Anonymized Yet Personalized Results: Maintain employee anonymity through data abstraction while retaining rich contextual information and qualitative insights.

“We founded Alioth to intersect the best in human search experience and advanced technology, to lead the way in solving the problem of bad hiring,” said Alioth co-founder Rusty Rueff. “With Exploration, we’re committed to establishing a new standard for what an executive search firm should be. We utilize all experience, knowledge, and technology available to not just ensure great hires for companies and the perfect position for those accepting a new job, but sustained success across the entire organization.”

Alioth’s Exploration platform is industry agnostic and has been deployed with customers from a wide array of industries including the health sciences, pharmaceuticals, technology, government, and professional services. Exploration is now available for all companies looking to optimize their performance and culture. For more information, visit

About Alioth

Alioth is the new standard for building exceptional teams and culture. We help your business achieve apex performance with our pioneering organizational diagnostic platform and talent acquisition model. Our flagship Exploration platform positions the world’s most innovative companies to reach their full potential by aligning culture with talent.

Exploration unlocks unrealized knowledge inside your organization through dynamic data capture. We use artificial intelligence and data science to optimize both the quantitative and the qualitative to provide context and understanding that go far beyond surface-level graphs and statistics. Exploration’s insights highlight an organization’s strengths and reveal untapped potential, crucial blind spots, and opportunities for future growth.

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