Albright Partners Releases 2nd Edition International Version of Their Book

The Copenhagen-based executive search firm Albright Partners A/S has just released the 2nd Edition International Version of their book: “Executive Onboarding.”

THE BOOK (“Executive Onboarding”)

How can you prevent yourself from failing in your new position? The answer is “Executive Onboarding” – a concept designed to accelerate the transition of executives into their new roles and to improve the foundation for their short-, medium-, and long-term success.

The book “Executive Onboarding – an Onboarding Guide for Executive High Performers” explains the importance of executive onboarding and provides concrete tools designed to help newly appointed executives to navigate the areas most critical to their success. Executive onboarding is as much about transitioning newly hired external executives into an organization (External Onboarding), as it is about transitioning existing executives from one role and/or leadership level to the next (Internal Onboarding).

The book offers perspectives on what can lead to increased executive high performance and gives guidance to the optimal combination of tools and measures that predict success best when it comes to deciding which executives to hire from outside and which to move up internally to the next career level.

When entering a new leadership role, you will have limited time to understand and learn to navigate within the complex dimensions of the organization, stakeholder expectations, and culture. This book will give you and your onboarding company concrete tools and perspectives on how to make this transition.

A free copy of the book can be downloaded here:


Henrik Brabrand, M.Sc., MMD, HD(U) is the CEO of Albright Partners A/S – a AAA-rated executive search company and one of the largest Life Science-focused executive search firms in the Nordic region. For more than a decade Henrik Brabrand has held leadership roles within top-tier executive search firms. He was formerly Senior Vice President within the LEO Pharma Group and later participated in a private equity financed Management-Buy-Out of the veterinary medicine and nutrition business. Prior to working in life sciences, Henrik served in various industrial and functional food companies – primarily in Country Manager positions. Henrik is also the author of the book “High Performance” and has published numerous articles on the topics of Leadership.

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