Ahmad Popalyar Announces Official Launch of Succession Executive Search

(Nov. 5, 2020) Backed by 15 plus years of experience as a top recruiter globally, along with an expansive private equity social network, Ahmad Popalyar is pleased to announce the official launch of Succession Executive Search. Succession is a premier search firm that specializes in the recruitment of investment banking and private equity professionals, as well as C-level executives across the middle market.

Succession is set to disrupt the executive search industry with lightning-fast placements – often as quickly as within one week – and virtually unheard-of guarantees. By capitalizing on a robust social network of over 14,000 professionals across private equity and private debt, the firm sources and engages top tier talent rapidly, precisely and efficiently. And, based on the profile of the candidate, the firm offers its clients a rare guarantee of one to three years. They also have a comprehensive retention plan to ensure the candidate and the client are both happy with the match.

“To win the war for talent, you have to first understand that the battlefield isn’t the same as it was even five years ago,” said Ahmad Popalyar, President and CEO of Succession. “It’s digital now. In order to find and attract top tier talent, you have to be connected to the virtual communities – where the networking, engagement, and thought leadership is happening. You must meet the candidates where they are, and actively engage and build relationships with them before they even think about taking on their next role. If not, you’ll find yourself spending six to 12 months trying to find that right person that could have been found in one week. This is what makes Succession different.”

Toward that end, Succession consists of two separate entities: Succession Executive Search and Succession Media. Succession Executive Search helps clients secure the right candidate quickly, while Succession Media provides digital content that engages candidates and helps them get better at negotiation, interviewing, and managing their careers. This creates a more trusting and seamless dynamic between the candidate and the client that is unmatched in the industry.

About Ahmad Popalyar
As President and CEO of Succession, Mr. Popalyar brings over 15 years of executive search experience across private equity, investment banking, and corporate finance, placing top talent across private equity and private debt. He has successfully executed over 200 searches, with an industry-leading 95% retention rate. He is a five-time “Recruiter of the Year” award winner, and received top division honors in 2019, 2018, and 2017. In addition, he has closed over $250MM in private equity deals through his proprietary deal sourcing strategy. He is a decorated veteran of the US military, where his search career began over 20 years ago, in part acting as a recruiter for the Army as well as the National Guard.

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