5 Reasons Why I Joined Tri-Search

February 19, 2020 – 1) The Tri-Search Team and Culture: They are to a person, talented, productive, and happy.

2) Tri-search’s Ethos of Customization: I love that they start with understanding the client, problem, and opportunity before designing a solution. Each client is different – Some clients outsource all their professional level hiring to Tri-Search, some engage them for single searches, and some partner with them for Diversity hiring, overflow, sprint capacity, confidential or particularly challenging requirements.

3) Tri-Search’s diverse Capabilities: They work across all functions, regions, and compensation levels. They have researchers and recruiters with deep specialist knowledge.

4) Tri-Search’s unique Customized Partnership Recruitment (CPR) model: This innovative managed service invariably yields greater effectiveness and efficiency than using multiple firms. They deliver this through consolidating the work, mastering their client’s culture and needs, and leveraging aggregated data for continuous improvement. They only serve the needs of the client they are engaged with, unlike many contingent firms who are by nature, transactional and candidate-placement driven (meaning where they place people does not matter other than perhaps where the highest fee is.)

5) Tri-Search is fun to work with.

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