Tom Weinberg

Co-managing Partner, Perrett Laver, UK and Global Head of Knowledge and Innovation Economies.

Tom has been at Perrett Laver for nearly a decade. Currently based in the London office, he spent two years in the US opening the company’s first office there. Tom has advised upon senior executive and board appointments for institutions in over twenty countries.

He has supported leadership appointments at, among others, the University of Oxford, Pittsburgh, NYU, Boston, Duke, Monterrey Tec, UBC, UCL, Imperial, Edinburgh, Yale-NUS and Nanyang Technological University and at organizations such as the Wellcome Trust, Transparency International, The Van Leer Group Foundation, and the Africa Health Research Institute.

Prior to joining Perrett Laver he worked in the communications industry. He holds an MA (hons) from the University of Edinburgh and is currently a doctoral student at King’s College London researching the legitimacy of the internationalisation of higher education. He is a registered South African Field Guide.